About the Team

Empty the Tanks is a world-wide indoor rowing team with over 60 regular indoor rowers from all around the world.

I established the Empty the Tanks blog in 2009 to document and communicate with team members who were participating in the  World Erg Challenge. When ETT started there was only six members the numbers gradually grew every year to the team we have now. 

Unlike some teams in the indoor-rowing community you do not need to be invited, pay a subscription or feel obliged to take part in the many competitions and challenges - we just want to provide a supportive and friendly place to get involved and encourage you to beat some personal best times / distances.

Indoor rowing is a great way of keeping fit and there are lots of ways to keep it more interesting by taking part in the monthly Cross Team Challenge, the C2 Challenge Series or the tri-annual team competitions. You can also subscribe to RowPro that allows you to race against other people in real time.

If you want to join the team or ask any questions you can leave a comment on the blog or e-mail Caroline at ett@oddpost.co.uk.

How to join Empty the Tanks

If you want to join the virtual rowing team, you will need to get an online logbook on the C2 website.


Go to the new users section and enter your details.

Once you have logged on, go to your Profile, click [Edit Profile] scroll down the page until you see the Affiliation section.

Select Empty the Tanks to affiliate yourself to the team.

Team Challenges

If you want to join the team challenges, go to the teams tab and it will give you an option to join the current / up-coming challenge.

Under the Your Team section click on to join the next team challenge. Once you have clicked to join your metres will automatically count towards the current challenge team total metres. 


  1. Hi Caroline - I'm interested in affiliation with the team, but I am currently in training for a full marathon on 17th November in Cornwall, UK. Does it matter if I join before or after doing that? Will all of my metres rowed this season before I join the team be added to the team's total or only metres rowed after joining? So far I do this all my rowing alone (just in the gym, not part of a club), so it would be great to be part of a team, to give myself new challenges and to benefit from everyone else's experiences. Any tips for the marathon row greatly received!! Raising money for the Prince's Trust while I'm at it.... here's a little more info if you are interested http://www.justgiving.com/CornishMarathonRowingChallenge Thanks, Matt.

    1. ...sorry, should have posted that comment using my Google account - I might get notified if or when you respond then! If you could reply to this comment that would be helpful....Thanks, Matt

    2. Hi Matt C - sorry I only just spotted this today!
      You are welcome to join the teaam ; )
      Hope your marathon went well!

  2. I have just added a donation to your Justgiving page ; )

  3. Hi Caroline - My name is Dave Roberts and I have just joined 'Empty the tanks' - Have been rowing for about 3 years now and hope to complete 5 million metres, in total, tomorrow

    Look forward to 'meeting' the rest of the team


    1. Glad to have you on board Dave.
      Keep rowing and I'm glad you reached your 5 million lifetime metres!

  4. Hi Caroline, hi team mebers, my name is Hartmut Dicke (AKA Hardy / AKA Galeere) and I have just joined "Empty the tanks" which makes a good impression here and in the overall standing. I am teaming up to receive and maybe give some motivation as it was hard to get back on the rig a few months ago. I started to log my training just a few days ago whilst slowly coming back to the shape I was in several years ago. I am aiming for 1 Mio. meters next season and maybe a first half marathon. I am 44y old, 92 kg (coming from 98 some months ago), 185cm and a German national.

  5. Hi Hardy - i was new to the team last August. Joining the team has really helped my motivation this year. Good to have ypu aboard.

    Dave Roberts

  6. Good morning all. Just got involved in indoor rowing in the last couple of months as a way to do low-impact cardio (years of football and fencing have left me with very finicky knees and years of parenthood and sedentary work have left me less than fit) and have quickly fallen in love with it. Joined the Concept2 community as a way to follow and learn the sport and recently found ETT. Having been part of teams my entire life, it felt like I needed to be a part of this one. Looking forward to learning from all of you.

    1. Glad to have you onboard Mark! Welcome to the team.