Sunday, 31 March 2019

WEC 2019 Week Two

We are well into the second week of competition and we have moved up the rankings into 21st place out of 356 teams!

The Mud Season Madness competition of rowing 5k or 10k ended today, how did you get on?

So far 3 ETT'ers have qualified for the honour board. Did you manage 25 days of 5k or 10k?

Back to the World Erg Challenge, individual achievements in the top 10 are as follows:

Has your WEC training plan gone to schedule?
Let us know how you are getting on on Facebook, here on the blog or on Strava. Quite a number of ETT'ers have Strava accounts (you can set one up for free to record your daily fitness routines) where we encourage one another with our erging, biking and hiking!

Keep up the great work guys and I will update you with more WEC news later in the week.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

WEC 2019 Week One

We have started as we mean to go on in the World Erg Challenge this season! I had a busy week last week with a visit from Ofsted inspectors (for non-UK ETT'ers they are government school inspectors) over a three-day period which was very intense. I still managed to squeeze in my daily 5k's to contribute to the Mud Season Madness and WEC challenges even if it was at 04.00am in the morning!

Our top ten contributors in the first 10 days are:

Look out for more blog posts this week about uploading metres to Strava and linking up with team-mates on there.
Keep up the great work folks! I'll catch up with you all on Friday.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

World Erg Challenge 2019

It's the last team competition of the 2019 season. Join in with the fun and fitness on the 15th March until 15th April for the World Erg Challenge. You can contribute metres on your usual rowing erg or the ski or bike erg too!
Upload your individual metres which will add to the team total. Read more about the challenge here.
We did really well on the last challenge in January, finishing in the top 4% of worldwide teams!

In conjunction with the team competition, there is a personal challenge the Mud Season Madness where you aim to row 5k or 10k for 25 or more days of March.
More information can be found here.