Sunday, 15 April 2018

WEC 2018 Final Week!

Hello folks. I hope you have all enjoyed the final week of the World Erg Challenge. In the UK we have had the craziest spring weather for years with freezing snowy temperatures followed by rain, fog and finally sunshine! The saying goes April showers followed by May flowers.

On the final day we have finished in 17th place out of 357 teams, which places us in the top 5%! Nice work team.

Individual achievements from team mates are as follows:

Awesome work team. You have worked hard this challenge helping us into the top twenty teams in the world.

If you filter the teams by virtual with 21-50 members we are 2nd in the world!

The next team challenge isn't until 15th September - 15th October but there will be plenty of individual challenges to keep us busy in the mean time:

Row 2000m with one minute rest
500m with two minutes rest
500m with three minutes rest
Finish with 500m

Thanks for your hard work and energy team! We are on a roll x

Monday, 9 April 2018

WEC 2018 Week Three

How have you all been? I hope you have enjoyed the longer Easter weekend last week and have scoffed all those Easter eggs already. Luckily we need that extra springtime energy for the last stretch of the World Erg Challenge.

We are currently in 17th place out of 356 world-wide teams. We are sandwiched between Final Results Fitness (a team 114 ergers strong!) and Team Ruderathelet who are a similar size to us.
We need to hold out until Sunday if we don't want to drop any places or dig deep and smash out a few extra metres to row past Final Results Fitness.

Team Achievements are as follows:

Have fun this week and don't forget to tag me / email / Facebook me with any PB's or erging achievements you have encountered during the WEC 2018.

See you at the finish line on Sunday 15th April!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

WEC 2018 Week Two & Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter (if you celebrate it)!

Onto the review of the second week of the World Erg Challenge and we are in 17th place out of 353 world-wide teams placing us in the top 5%!
Onto some fun news, Edward J celebrated his birthday on the 30th March. Happy Birthday Edward!
We have been rowing hard again over the past fortnight and at the halfway point of the challenge so tighten up your feet straps and keep erging!

Awesome work from our regular members and newbies alike: