Sunday, 25 March 2018

WEC 2018 Week One

Ten days into the World Erg Challenge and we have rowed our way into the top 20 world-wide teams.

We have collectively rowed nearly 2 million metres with an average of  42k each. 44 team mates has signed up to the competition and 39 have uploaded metres to contribute to the team totals.

The top ten team mates are erging hard and have achieved the following individual achievements:

Keep erging folks and I'll see you here for the weekly update next Sunday! 


  1. Hi Caroline, I've signed off the team for this challenge as I'm not going to be able to add any kms until my physio tells me I'm OK to row again. Good luck, fellow ETTers.

  2. Tennis elbow is requiring I need a break - I hope with a few days rest I will be able to contribute a few more kms before the end of the WEC, sorry team looks like my 9 MM will take a little longer than I thought

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