Sunday, 18 March 2018

WEC 2018 First Few Days

On day three of the World Erg Challenge we are in 17th place out of 225 teams.

20 team mates have uploaded metres and we have erged 428,832 metres so far and look set to hit one million metres by the end of the week.

Individual achievements are below:

Have you any personal challenges you are working on during this competition?
Share them here or on the Facebook team page to get some support and encouragement from fellow ETT'ers!
Looking forward to rowing with you again this challenge team mates.


  1. Slow start for me this year, however hope to manage 100 k which will see me reach my lifetime 9 MM, good luck to all the other team mates, row hard. Hope the boat race inspired you....

    1. 9MM! That is impressive stuff there Diggy! Looking forward to erging with you again x

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