Saturday, 3 February 2018

VTC 2018 Completed!

After a few days of rest we can reflect back upon the first team challenge of 2018. We worked well as a team and collectively uploaded over 6,600,00 metres!
We finished in 23rd position out of 566 world-wide teams which places us in the top 4%. Pretty darn good huh?!

Onto individual achievements from ETT:

Our top team mate and sole member of the 400k club, Ken M rowed his way to pole position with 421k. Excellent work there Ken we are so impressed with your dedication!

In second place, Nick W was close behind Ken with 380k and Rob D took third place with 354k. David H and Andy S also enjoyed the kudos of the 300k club with 348k and 322k respectively. What a brilliant achievement in one month of indoor rowing!

The 200k club turned into an all mens fitness club with Tomasz, 284k, Beate, 270k, Phil H, 251k, David G, 240k, Mike B, 226k, Richard C, 222k and Mark B 201k churning out some amazing results!

The most rowdy club has to be the infamous 100k club!
Such party animals in this crowd starting with Steve C (only 5k away from the 200k club!), Hans, 162k, Hector, 141k, Jim M, 136k, Diggy, 127k, Julie S (our top performing female!) 126k, Jeff K, 121k, Preston, 120k, Joe S, 120k, Caroline, 113k, Harmut, 112k, Jeff D, 110k, Mike P, 108k, Susanne, 104k, Rainer, 101k, Lance P, 101k, Les J, 100k.
Nice work there ETT'ers!

The nearly 100k club was lead by Stephen H followed by Jan, Edward J, Freek and Emma H. Great effort everyone!

Finally the remaining team mates have contributed between 70k - 15k. Thanks so much for your metres starting with Larry, John B, Mike S, Jurjen, Andrew H, Norman, John S, Anne, Leslie, Allan, Evan, John B, Milan (our youngest contributor on this challenge at 17 years!) Alan T, Neil, Mike F, Mark K, Peter, Andrew, Susan and Bouke!
You are all awesome!

That's a wrap for another Virtual Team Challenge! You all deserve a good chill out this weekend and you have time to either totally chill or get fighting fit for the World Erg Challenge starting on 15th March until 15th April.

Thanks so much for being part of Empty the Tanks.
We just wouldn't be the team we are without all your hard work ETT'ers.
Erging hard(ish) since 2009!