Sunday, 16 July 2017

USA Team Mate Jim M visits London!

Jim Moldenhauer from Wisconsin, USA has been a long-standing dedicated ETT member. Last week he e-mailed me to say he was in the UK for a holiday with his wife for a few days. He actually visited London last summer but our schedules did not work out. Luckily, today we managed a quick catch up this morning at the Imperial War Museum!

We met outside the museum and when the doors open at 10.00am we headed straight for the cafe to grab a cuppa and had a great chat. It felt very fitting that our Empty The Tanks team mate photo was in front of a tank!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

July Cross Team Challenge

This month's Cross Team Challenge has been set by DLC Gidea Park Team.

4 km Up and Down
Row the following intervals pyramid (with 1 min rest for each 250m rowed):

Row 250 metres, rest for 1 minute
Row 500m, rest for 2 minutes
Row 750m, 3 minutes rest
Row 1000m, rest 4 mins
Row 750m, 3 minutes rest
Row 500m, rest for 2 minutes
Row 250m and finish

Standing start for the opening 250m. Other six can be rolling starts.
There are no other restrictions.
Record your total time for 4000 metres of rowing.

Good Luck ETT'ers!