Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WEC 2017 Week Three

This month is motoring along at warp speed; a bit like our top ten team mates in the World Erg Challenge!

  • Preston is nearly at 500k!
  • Bill S is still his super self with over 330k
  • Ken M is almost at 300k
  • Kim is back on form and smashing the top female spot with 275k
  • Tomasz is enjoying the 200k club
  • Steve C is chasing for a top 5 slot
  • Allan is on fire with 140k
  • Mike B is on excellent erg duty with 138k
  • Andy is in the 100k club
  • Only 3k to go for Joe S to hit 100k

Not bad for week three everybody. Let's see if we can shake it up a bit and move up to 17th place by the end of the week!?

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