Sunday, 16 April 2017

WEC 2017 Final Standings

After 32 days of competition for the World Erg Challenge we have finished in 19th place out of 347 teams which places us in the top 5% of world-wide teams.

We finished in 2nd place for virtual teams with 21-50 team members!

We collectively rowed 4,757,654 metres which is 2,956 miles (or 4,757 kilometres).
To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent distance from London to Nigeria!

Or from New York to the Yukon Territory in Canada!

Individual achievements are as follows:

Preston impressed us all with his unrelenting mission to stay in first place with 600k. Nice one. You deserve a rest today!

In second place Bill S hit an awesome 471k, closely followed by Ken M with 426k in third place. Excellent work guys you are the only members of the 400k club!

Steve C had a memorable return to the team with 323k and a fourth place position in the individual standings! Well done.

Tomasz rowed into fifth place with 284k and Kim retained her top ETT female credentials with 275k. Mike B achieved 5 million lifetime metres during the WEC with 202k! Andy S and Allan H both rowed 200k and are the final members of the 200k club this challenge!

Caroline is the 10th team mate with 138k, followed by a brilliant bunch of team mates including; David G with 122k, Mike F with 119k, Joe S with 117k, Edward J with 108k, Evan with 107k and Leslie with 105k.

Emma, Jurjen and Todor almost made it into the 100k club this challenge with a decent meterage of 94k, 88k, and 82k respectively.

Hans-Jorg, Les, Rob D, Mike S, John B, Hardy, Tim, Susanne, Alan T, Mark K, Jonathan T, Craig, Mike D, Robert, Dalip, Karyn, Diggy, Jackie, Esa and  John B all invaluably contributed their time, energy and metres to support the team with between 65k - 13k!

Thank you to those who have rowed metres and the encouraging comments on the blog or Facebook page. Empty the Tanks wouldn't be the open, honest and friendly place it is without you all contributing to make it such a fantastic team!

You all get to rest a little bit as the next team challenge does not start until 15th September 2017 until 15th October 2017. Until then you have the Cross Team Challenges, Individual Challenges and a whole host of other rowing events to keep you out of mischief!


  1. Well done all! Next time I hope to reach the 100k club :)

    1. Thanks for your metres Jurjen - yes go for 100k in September!