Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WEC 2017 Week Two

In fourteen days we have rowed an impressive 2,472,244 metres which is an average of 63k each.
We are in 18th place out of 333 world-wide teams and we are in 2nd place if you compare ourselves with virtual teams with 21-50 team members!

Our top ten team mates have been smashing it on the erg this week! Let's check out their metres:

We have 39 team mates signed up to this challenge and we could always do with a few more metres so see if you can encourage some family or friends to join us in our mission to reach the top 3% of world-wide erg teams!

Please share your WEC stories here on the blog or our team Facebook page.
  • How have you got on this week?
  • Did you achieve any personal best times or distances?

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