Wednesday, 15 March 2017

WEC 2017 Day One

With two March challenges running concurrently we should all be fit and healthy for the new spring / autumn season.

The following team mates have been erging hard during the month of march for the Mud Season individual challenge:

In the second March competition we are in 15th place out of 74 teams for the first day of the World Erg Challenge:

Thanks to the following team mates who have uploaded metres on day one:

Keep up the great work folks and don't forget to sign up before the 30th March to be included in the WEC2017 team totals!


  1. I will only be able to contribute a few metres, as I am back to Old Blightly in a few days time and no access to a C2.

  2. 12k+ a day is my goal. Hope to get over 400k for this challenge.

  3. We are in 18th place at the moment and the ETT engine is starting to warm up!