Saturday, 4 February 2017

February CTC Boat One Floated!

Four days into the Cross Team Challenge and we have floated our first boat into the points rankings putting us into 5th place!

Nice work ETT'ers with a big thanks to Ken M, Bill, Joe S and Edward.
Row ten reps of 90 seconds with 30 second rest.
No restrictions, first rep from a standing start, no skipping the rests.
Record your distance for fifteen minutes of rowing. 
Don't include any rest metresinetres.

We need more team mates to get involved this month!


  1. Second boat is being built Rob put the first pieces together!

  2. Those last two intervals are tough ! I cannot believe the Danes do the whole thing a second time after just five minutes rest - a good selection Bill, I will try it again when I get back from a business trip, should be able to squeeze it in before the end of Feb.

  3. When I get enough motivation I'll try the whole set.