Sunday, 8 January 2017

VTC2017 Week One

Hey guys, we have dropped a few places into 21st position out of 463 world-wide teams.
The good news is 52 team mates have signed up and 47 have uploaded metres. This places us in 14th place in the 51+ virtual teams category of which there are 217 teams.

Individual  achievements are as follows:

Bill S is at the top of the team with 118k the only member of the 100k club as yet! Excellent work Bill.

Ken M has rowed over 80k! Nice one.

The rest of the team have been toiling away in week one and have rowed between 70k - 5k. Thanks for your contribution guys!
Great work from the following team mates: David H, Bhavesh, Diggy, Ric, Andy S, Tomasz and Julie!

Keep up the excellent work ETT'ers. We have 23 days of competition left so let's make those metres count!


  1. VTC goal:to keep my daily metre average over 12k for the month. Plan is to row a few kilometres before work and at least an 8k after work. So far, so good! All the best to all ETT members.

  2. Great going Bill, and well done all