Sunday, 22 January 2017

VTC 2017 Week Three Update

Week three of the Virtual Team Challenge sees us remain in our 25th position. Our usual team rivals are in 16th place - they are pushing out some crazy metres this January.

Individual achievements are as follows:

Bill S is still our top guy in the team, rowing over 230k. Keeping Bill on his toes is David H who has contributed 210k and is safely in second place.

Steve S is leading the 100k club, followed by Ken M, Diggy, Todor, Rob, Andy, Bhavesh, Mike, Ric, Julie (top female team mate), John, Andy and Jonathan. Looks like a great gang here!

We have quite a decent crew in the nearly 100k club. Lead by Emma, then Caroline, Evan, TJ and Tomasz! Keep up the great work folks.

The rest of the team are contributing to our 25th place in the VTC. Thanks to Joe S, Les J, Evan, Karyn, Jeff K, Andrew, Tomasz, John B, Jeff S, Jan, Edward, James, Hardy, John F, Gary Mc, Mike P, Allan,  Gus, Jackie, Mike, Neil, Nick, Jim, John, Michael, Mark K, Xavier, Andy H, Emma, Peter and Bouke!

Watch out for the February Cross Team Challenge vote later in the week. 
Please let me know your ideas. You can contact me via several formats:

  • E-mail me your ideas at
  • Post on the blog below
  • Write suggestions on the ETT Facebook page
Suggestions so far:
  • Bill S intervals 10 × 90" rest 30"
  • Bill S 713 metres
  • Bill S 1304 metres
  • Caroline intervals 6 x 3 mins with 3 mins rests


  1. Managed a big day (41k+) on Sunday and I am back on my 12k a day average goal for the VTC.

    Also, I made an attempt at the 10×90" rest 30" not as bad as it looks. Came out to be just under a 4k of hard rowing.

    The 6x3' rest 3' is the next challenge. I may regret trying this one.

    1. Nice work there Bill!! You are one dedicated ETT'er!!

  2. Made my 200k VTC goal and still some left in the tank. Just wish it was a little cooler, looks like the last few days I will have to sweat it though highs of uppers 30s C !

  3. Great going Bill and Diggy, that's some serious metres from both of you. I had been aiming for 200k myself, but have backed off a bit as have a lot of work to do by the 31st with tax returns, and managed to pick up a cold from the rest of household......or maybe from the long bikeride on Sunday! (-: