Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vote for the February CTC!

Make your voice heard. Vote for the February Cross Team Challenge here!


  1. 10×90" rest 30" a slight favorite with a 3 to 2 lead. More votes are needed!

    1. I agree Bill. Definitely more votes needed!
      There isn't much participation with team stuff at the moment. I'm a bit worried we won't even float a boat in our own CTC choice at this rate!

    2. Looks like the "Dane Demo Derby" workout has the most votes! Good thing it is only half a danish.

      Dane demo derby (sure that ' vs. " is correct?)
      from Jeppe K. Jensen,, DAN HPL2- ´97-´98
      How about this one?
      We have been practising this in the Danish Rowing Center, preparing for our indoor nat´ls. Its a 2x (10x90"/30")/5' @ 32-34