Sunday, 15 January 2017

February CTC Choice and VTC 2017 Week Two

Cross Team Challenge

We have been selected to choose the session for the Cross Team Challenge for February 2017. I need you all to get your thinking caps on to select an interesting session. The last time we got this chance was in July 2015 when we devised an interval session with a sting in its tail and named it the Scorpion!

Here are the past two years CTC sessions to get inspired and avoid any repeat ideas.
Post your ideas on the blog, Facebook or e-mail me at

Just to let you know the current January CTC challenge is as follows:
The Free Spirits 4 Cubed - 4 x 4 minutes with 4 minutes rest (per interval).
First interval from a standing start.
No restrictions on stroke rate.

Virtual Team Challenge 2017 Week Two

In the second week of the challenge we have dropped down into 26th place out of 548 world-wide teams.

Individual Achievements are as follows:

Bill S is still the undisputed leader of the VTC and has clocked up an impressive 170k over the past 14 days! Nice one Bill!

David H, Ken M, Diggy and Steve C have all rowed their way into the 100k club this week and are projected to move up to 200k in the next seven days. Excellent work guys.

Ric, Bhavesh Andy S, Julie, Mike and TJ are so close to the 100k club with over 70k+. Great work team mates!

The following team mates have contributed a decent amount of metres to help our 26th position. Thanks to; Jonathan, Alan, Pieter, Leslie, Caroline, Joe S, Les J, Evan, Karyn, Jeff K, Andrew, Tomasz, John B, Jeff S, Jan, Edward, James, Hardy, John F, Gary Mc, Mike P, Allan,  Gus, Jackie, Mike, Neil, Nick, Jim, John, Michael, Mark K, Xavier, Andy H, Emma, Peter and Bouke! 

Keep on erging ETT'ers!
We are doing very well in the virtual teams with 51+ team members category; 51st out of 255 teams!


  1. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period. They were added by Numa Pompilius about 713 BC. That's 1304 years ago. Two possible numbers to use 713 and 1304 for the CTC maybe a two minute rest in between.

  2. Hi, ETTers - sorry for chipping-in only small metres this year on the VTC: I have a new job that separates me and my C2 for 2 days per week and I now row for a highly-competitive gig rowing club full of 20-somethings - so higher intensity and lower volume training.

    I hope everyone has fun rowing-off those mince-pies in the VTC, every one counts.

    1. Glad to have your contributions in whatever form Steve!

  3. To All,

    Another CTC possibility 10×90" rest 30" the Dannish national team would do this and rest 5 minutes and repeat. Just once is enough for me.

    My daily metres are dropping due to long work days, 12+ hours, hoping next week's schedule is lighter.

    All the best,


    1. I think once for that session would def be enough!