Sunday, 29 January 2017

February Cross Team Challenge Vote Results

The vote for the February CTC is:

Empty the Tanks February Challenge is 10 x 90 seconds with 30 seconds rest.
Standing start with rolling starts thereafter.
Record total distance of 15 minutes rowing.

No rate restrictions

This received 8 votes with the 8 minute blast receiving only 4 votes.
Good luck team and lets get as many boats floated as possible!

Only two days left for the VTC. I will write a review on the 31st of January. Keep on erging folks!


  1. I have a back twinge however hope to row slowly my last few kilometers to get to my new target of 250K for VTC 2017. We have certainly rowed a lot less this year than 2016. Final push for the final 2-3 days, depending on your time zone ! Will definitely post a lightweight entry for ETT CTC in Feb.

    1. Yes, I was thinking that too Diggy. The team goes through peaks and troughs with regards rowing numbers and team participation.
      With the exception of a lovely bunch or regulars (you included of course) it seems that we are experiencing something of a lull of late. We need to think of some ideas to get everybody re-motivated and participating in team / individual events.

    2. Hope your back gets better soon Diggy!