Tuesday, 31 January 2017

VTC 2017 Final Update

We have finished in 25th position out of 577 world-wide teams. We have stayed strong throughout the challenge and have rowed over 5.6  million metres in 31 days! Thanks for all your hard work, enthusiasm and energy ETT'ers.

In virtual teams with 50+ team mates we finished 14th out of 264 similar teams. Not too shabby!

Onto individual achievements for this January Virtual Team Challenge:

Bill S stayed strong at the top of the team for the whole challenge and finished with 360k! Nice work Bill you deserve a rest now....oh you can't because you suggeste the crazy February CTC challenge!! He, he.....
Rob D just snuck into the 300k club today. Nice work there!!

A fab team of rowers in the 200k club; starting with Ken M and Steve C with 292k, David H, Diggy, Todor, Andy S and John M. Excellent work guys. You rowed a good game this January!

The 100k club is bursting at the seams with great team mates including; Bhavesh, Mike B, Julie (our top female rower), Caroline, Andy, Emma, Evan, Ric, John F, Les, TJ, Edward, Jonathan and Jackie. Nice work ETT'ers!!

Almost at 100k were this lovely bunch; Jeffrey, Joe S, Mike F, Karyn and Tomasz.

Thank you to the remaining team mates for their valuable contribution to the metres;  Norman, Pieter, Hardy, Alan, Gus, Leslie, Jeff, Neil, John B, Jan, James, Mike, Xavier, Gary, Mark, Nick, John, Peter, Michael and Bouke

You have until the 3rd February to upload any metres rowed between the 1st - 31st January to be included in the Virtual Team Challenge final standings.

In the meantime we have the following challenges to look forward to:

The February Cross Team Challenge has been selected by us!
You have between the 1st - 28th February to row the insane interval session the Bill S suggested (and you guys voted for). Follow this link to get involved. We need more ladies getting involved this month so we can get more groups of 5 rowers 'floated' into the points ranking by their presence!! 
Each boat in the points rankings must be made up of x1 lightweight male or female, x 1 female and x 3 heavyweight male or female.
  • Empty the Tanks February Challenge is 10 x 90 seconds with 30 seconds rest
  • Standing start with rolling starts thereafter
  • Record total distance of 15 minutes rowing
  • No rate restrictions

  • The goal is to row and/or ski a total of 14,000 metres between February 09 and midnight on Valentine's Day, February 14.
  • This is an individual challenge. (You do not need to belong to a team to participate.)
  • Metres must be entered online.
  • Indoor rower and SkiErg meters only (no on water/on snow metres please). You can combine metres from each machine to reach 14,000 metres.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

February Cross Team Challenge Vote Results

The vote for the February CTC is:

Empty the Tanks February Challenge is 10 x 90 seconds with 30 seconds rest.
Standing start with rolling starts thereafter.
Record total distance of 15 minutes rowing.

No rate restrictions

This received 8 votes with the 8 minute blast receiving only 4 votes.
Good luck team and lets get as many boats floated as possible!

Only two days left for the VTC. I will write a review on the 31st of January. Keep on erging folks!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vote for the February CTC!

Make your voice heard. Vote for the February Cross Team Challenge here!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

VTC 2017 Week Three Update

Week three of the Virtual Team Challenge sees us remain in our 25th position. Our usual team rivals are in 16th place - they are pushing out some crazy metres this January.

Individual achievements are as follows:

Bill S is still our top guy in the team, rowing over 230k. Keeping Bill on his toes is David H who has contributed 210k and is safely in second place.

Steve S is leading the 100k club, followed by Ken M, Diggy, Todor, Rob, Andy, Bhavesh, Mike, Ric, Julie (top female team mate), John, Andy and Jonathan. Looks like a great gang here!

We have quite a decent crew in the nearly 100k club. Lead by Emma, then Caroline, Evan, TJ and Tomasz! Keep up the great work folks.

The rest of the team are contributing to our 25th place in the VTC. Thanks to Joe S, Les J, Evan, Karyn, Jeff K, Andrew, Tomasz, John B, Jeff S, Jan, Edward, James, Hardy, John F, Gary Mc, Mike P, Allan,  Gus, Jackie, Mike, Neil, Nick, Jim, John, Michael, Mark K, Xavier, Andy H, Emma, Peter and Bouke!

Watch out for the February Cross Team Challenge vote later in the week. 
Please let me know your ideas. You can contact me via several formats:

  • E-mail me your ideas at ett@oddpost.co.uk
  • Post on the blog below
  • Write suggestions on the ETT Facebook page
Suggestions so far:
  • Bill S intervals 10 × 90" rest 30"
  • Bill S 713 metres
  • Bill S 1304 metres
  • Caroline intervals 6 x 3 mins with 3 mins rests

Sunday, 15 January 2017

February CTC Choice and VTC 2017 Week Two

Cross Team Challenge

We have been selected to choose the session for the Cross Team Challenge for February 2017. I need you all to get your thinking caps on to select an interesting session. The last time we got this chance was in July 2015 when we devised an interval session with a sting in its tail and named it the Scorpion!

Here are the past two years CTC sessions to get inspired and avoid any repeat ideas.
Post your ideas on the blog, Facebook or e-mail me at ett@oddpost.co.uk.

Just to let you know the current January CTC challenge is as follows:
The Free Spirits 4 Cubed - 4 x 4 minutes with 4 minutes rest (per interval).
First interval from a standing start.
No restrictions on stroke rate.

Virtual Team Challenge 2017 Week Two

In the second week of the challenge we have dropped down into 26th place out of 548 world-wide teams.

Individual Achievements are as follows:

Bill S is still the undisputed leader of the VTC and has clocked up an impressive 170k over the past 14 days! Nice one Bill!

David H, Ken M, Diggy and Steve C have all rowed their way into the 100k club this week and are projected to move up to 200k in the next seven days. Excellent work guys.

Ric, Bhavesh Andy S, Julie, Mike and TJ are so close to the 100k club with over 70k+. Great work team mates!

The following team mates have contributed a decent amount of metres to help our 26th position. Thanks to; Jonathan, Alan, Pieter, Leslie, Caroline, Joe S, Les J, Evan, Karyn, Jeff K, Andrew, Tomasz, John B, Jeff S, Jan, Edward, James, Hardy, John F, Gary Mc, Mike P, Allan,  Gus, Jackie, Mike, Neil, Nick, Jim, John, Michael, Mark K, Xavier, Andy H, Emma, Peter and Bouke! 

Keep on erging ETT'ers!
We are doing very well in the virtual teams with 51+ team members category; 51st out of 255 teams!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

VTC2017 Week One

Hey guys, we have dropped a few places into 21st position out of 463 world-wide teams.
The good news is 52 team mates have signed up and 47 have uploaded metres. This places us in 14th place in the 51+ virtual teams category of which there are 217 teams.

Individual  achievements are as follows:

Bill S is at the top of the team with 118k the only member of the 100k club as yet! Excellent work Bill.

Ken M has rowed over 80k! Nice one.

The rest of the team have been toiling away in week one and have rowed between 70k - 5k. Thanks for your contribution guys!
Great work from the following team mates: David H, Bhavesh, Diggy, Ric, Andy S, Tomasz and Julie!

Keep up the excellent work ETT'ers. We have 23 days of competition left so let's make those metres count!

Friday, 6 January 2017

VTC2017 Day Six

We have dropped down to 19th place on day six of the Virtual Team Challenge with the TRRA Challenge Team only 100k above us. Our usual team rivals Team Canada are residing in 16th place - let's see if we can catch up with them this weekend!

43 team mates have uploaded metres contributing to the one million mark we have achieved in the first six days of competition.
Ken M has taken the top spot today with Bill S and David H hot on his heels!
Please post on the blog or Facebook with encouragement, tales of endurance, PB's and the rest to make this as fun as possible. Every metre counts.

Monday, 2 January 2017

VTC2017 Day Two

On day two of the VTC we have lots more team mates signed up to the challenge with 17 uploads from members. We are in 17th place out of 220 world-wide teams.

We have some great contributions from individual tea mates with Bill in the top slot on day two of competition.

Keep up the great work ETT'ers! Let's burn off those festive over-indulgences!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Virtual Team Challenge 2017

Happy New Year team mates!

Well done if you are one of the members who have already uploaded metres on day one of the Virtual Team Challenge. 25 ETT'ers have signed up and we have started the year in 22nd place out of 44 world-wide teams. Hopefully we will have a few more metres on the board by the end of the day.

Let's make this an awesome team challenge and beat our Fall Team Challenge 2015 result!