Sunday, 2 October 2016

FTC 2016 Day 18

We have moved up into 14th position today just behind our friendly rivals Team Canada!

We have seen huge metres from team mates this week. Here are the individual achievements:

Hardy is still our top team mate with nearly 300k at 297k. Awesome effort Hardy!
Ken M has clocked up over 212k which is impressive stuff!

Andy S, Jan V, Diggy, Tomasz, Jim M, Julie, Rob D, Joe S and Les J are all in the 100k club. Excellent work team mates.
Julie is our top performing female rower in week three of the challenge!

A decent bunch of ETT'ers have rowed between 70k - 99k and have the fun of the nearly 100k club.
Well done to Tim J, Alex K, Norman H, Gary Mc, David A, Bhavesh, Ian C, Mike B and Jonathan T.

The rest of our team have rowed a wide range of metres between 5k - 70k. Nice work ETT'ers. Keep up the amazing work!
Caroline, Karyn, Evan, Andrew, Mike F, Rob P, Milan, John D, Mark B, Edward, John F, Duncan, Barb, Bill S, Mike So, Mike S, John B, Bouke, Rob A, Peter C, Ellie Mc, Neil R, Toni B, Ric Y, Mark K, Jan, Hector and Nick.


  1. A variety of metres completed by a diverse group of erg warriors. Impressive! Well done ETT'ers.

  2. This month's CTC is a 10k! Great way to add to the FTC and floating a boat too!

    1. Thanks for reminding me Bill - I need to update the blog about the new CTC!