Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween ETT'ers!

Have a spook-tacular evening ETT'ers!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Skeleton Crew Challenge 2016

Skeleton Crew Challenge

October 25–31
Row and/or ski at least 31,000 metres between October 25 and October 31 to get on the honor board and receive your certificate. Adaptive athletes and juniors aged 16 and under can also participate at the new 10,000m level.In honour of Halloween participate in the Skeleton Crew Challenge. It's a great way to earn all that Halloween candy!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

FTC 2016 Final Results

With the metres finally uploaded we finished this season's Fall Team Challenge in 15th place out of 395 teams nestled between Team Canada and Sõudespinning Estonia.

We rowed a collective 6,053,427m rowing an average of 121,069m per team mate.
We secured the top spot in the virtual teams with 21-50 members category!
We pack a lot of punch with only 50 team mates. Nice work folks!
Onto individual achievements and the prize winners of the exclusive ETT T-shirt.

Hardy did not waiver from his top place position for the entire challenge. He fully deserves some hard-earned respect. Excellent work there Hardy, 447k is a truly impressive result!

In second place with an extremely respectable 409k is Tomasz who certainly gave Hardy some stiff competition! Well done T.

Jan is the sole member of the 300k club and has gallantly rowed his way into third position. Nice work Jan!

There are some regular ETT party animals in the 200k club this challenge starting with Ken M 273k, Rob D 271k, Andy S 260k, Diggy 258k, Julie 232k, Gary Mc 222k, Jim M 203k and Joe S 200k. Awesome effort team mates.

By far the most rowdy club of the competition has to be the 100k club with lots of regular and new team mates erging their little socks off. Well done to the following: Alex K 155k, Dave A 155k, Bill S 150k, Bhavesh 139k, Caroline 139k, Norman 123k, Rob P 133k, Ian 133k, Karyn 112k, Tim J 112k, Mark B 111k, Jonathan 110k, Mike B 108k, Les 101k and Leslie 100k.

Almost 100k. The following team mates rowed a decent challenge this FTC. Thanks to Edward 83k, Duncan 75k and Milan 75k.

Thanks to the remaining team mates whom without their solid contributions we would not have finished in the top spot for virtual teams with 21-50 members!
Mike S, Andrew L, Rob A, John F, John B, John D, Mike Sc, Barb, Ellie (our youngest female team mate at 16), Mark K, Bouke, Peter, Neil, Toni, Rich, Jan and Hector.

Onto the ETT T-Shirt winners!
It has been a hard fought challenge this Autumn with some great characters battling out for the following prizes:
This prize goes to our very own ETT rowing machine, Hardy! Well done. 
A big shout out goes to our new team mate Julie who has been in the top female metres position pretty much since day one of the challenge. Excellent work there!

Tomasz has won a t-shirt for rowing his personal best amount of metres during the FTC.

Bill S has been this competitions most enthusiastic team mate encouraging ETT'ers on the blog and Facebook page. Always a cheerful and thoughtful comment or recently fun picture to boost team spirits! 

Bhavesh recently joined Empty the Tanks and has made a great impression during the Fall Team Challenge with such a great contribution to the team totals.

Could all winning team mates contact me via the blog, Facebook or e-mail me at with your t-shirt size and address so I can post the t-shirts out to you!

Thank you to all ETT team mates. It has been fun!
See you again in January for the next team challenge.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

FTC 2016 Day 25

With the end of the competition in sight we are still rowing strong. Let's see what we can do in the final six days of the Fall Team Challenge.

We are in 15th place out of 393 world-wide teams with Team Canada ahead of us and TimbukTWO in 16th place.

Individual achievements are as follows:

Hardy is still firmly at the top of the team with 376k. He is rowing up a storm!!

Tomasz, Ken M, Jan, Andy S, and Diggy have rowed themselves in the 200k club. Tomasz is only 5k away from 300k and the rest of these guys look set to join him by the end of the week. Excellent work ETT'ers!

We have a lot more team mates partying on down in the 100k club this week. A big shout out to Rob D, Gary Mc, Jim M, Julie, Joe S, Alex K, Norman, Ian, David A, Nick W and Les J.
Julie has pretty much secured her position as the top female team mate for this FTC!

Tim J, Mike B, Caroline, Bill S, Jonathan, Rob P, Karyn Mc,  Evan, Bhavesh, Milan and Mark B are very close to the 100k club and will probably make it to 100k by the end of the challenge. Keep up the great team mates.

A big thanks to the following team mates who have contributed between 70k - 8k. Edward, Andrew L, Mike F, Rob A, John F,  John D, Mike S, John B, Ellie Mc, Bouke, Peter, Mark K, Neil, Toni, Ric, Jan and Hector. Keep up the metres ETT'ers!

Let me know some of your personal achievements to share with the rest of the team.

Have you rowed more metres than ever before?
Did you smash a personal best time for a distance or interval session?
Have you managed more consecutive rowing sessions during the challenge?

Write in the comments here or on the team Facebook page!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

FTC 2016 Day 18

We have moved up into 14th position today just behind our friendly rivals Team Canada!

We have seen huge metres from team mates this week. Here are the individual achievements:

Hardy is still our top team mate with nearly 300k at 297k. Awesome effort Hardy!
Ken M has clocked up over 212k which is impressive stuff!

Andy S, Jan V, Diggy, Tomasz, Jim M, Julie, Rob D, Joe S and Les J are all in the 100k club. Excellent work team mates.
Julie is our top performing female rower in week three of the challenge!

A decent bunch of ETT'ers have rowed between 70k - 99k and have the fun of the nearly 100k club.
Well done to Tim J, Alex K, Norman H, Gary Mc, David A, Bhavesh, Ian C, Mike B and Jonathan T.

The rest of our team have rowed a wide range of metres between 5k - 70k. Nice work ETT'ers. Keep up the amazing work!
Caroline, Karyn, Evan, Andrew, Mike F, Rob P, Milan, John D, Mark B, Edward, John F, Duncan, Barb, Bill S, Mike So, Mike S, John B, Bouke, Rob A, Peter C, Ellie Mc, Neil R, Toni B, Ric Y, Mark K, Jan, Hector and Nick.