Sunday, 25 September 2016

FTC 2016 Day 11


Hardy is the first ETT'er to reach over 100k this competition!  We have a clear leader in Hardy at the moment with a very impressive 156k.
Second position is being fought out by Andy S and Diggy with 88k and 85k respectively. Keep up the great work guys.
Tomasz, Julie, Joe S, Ken M, Andy L, Mike F, Jim and Jonathan have all rowed between 70k - 50k which is good going for day 11 of the challenge. Julie is currently the top performing female in the team! 
Les, Rob D, Dave A, Karen, Bhavesh, Mike B, Alex, Ian, John D, Tim, Rob P, Caroline, Norman, Evan, Mike S and Barb have all contributed between 40k - 30k so far. 
Mark B, Duncan, Edward, Mike Sc, Milan, John B, Peter, John F, Neil, Ellie, Bouke, Richard, Jan, Rob A, Toni and Mark K have each added between 30k - 3k.
Unfortunately, as a team we have dropped to 14th position with Team Canada just a few metres ahead of us today.
On a positive note out of 47 ETT'er who have signed up 43 of you have contributed metres which is excellent.

What do you eat to fuel your rowing session?

Those long time readers of the blog will know I love a good bowl of roasted sweet potatoes to fuel my exercise. I sometimes make some vanilla oat pancakes post-workout depending on the type of session I rowed. 

Do you have a specific food you scoff before a work out?
Please share in the comments below.


  1. Pancakes are looking very good, indeed, one of the favourites of my youngest daughter. I like pasta, especially Spätzle with a good Bolognese or meatballs. Müsli (cereal) for breakfast. Sour milk and whey protein after training, bananas before/during/after training. I am still loosing weight during this FTC though. Nice going everyone, let´s keep it up folks! Cheers - Hardy

    1. Sounds like a very yummy range of rowing fuels there Hardy! Bananas are always good for exercise aren't they?