Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Solstice Challengers!

Congratulations to the following team mates who all rowed a half-marathon (or slightly longer than 21,097 metres) distance on Monday 20th June to celebrate the Summer Solstice!

Excellent work ETT'ers!

Andy S
Ken M
Tomasz S
Steve C
David G

Nice work guys. What a fantastic start to the week!

Any tips for team mates who might try a half-marathon for their ranking PB's this season?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Summer Solstice Row 2016 and Daniel's Seat Product Review

Hello folks. Have you been enjoying the wonderful weather this winter... I mean UK summer? To take your mind off any world weather issues we have the annual individual Summer Solstice Challenge.

To celebrate the incoming summer in the Northern hemisphere the Summer Solstice Challenge honours the longest day of the year.

The challenge is to row or ski 21,000 metres on June 20.

Metres can be completed in several smaller workouts throughout the day or all at once. If completing the metres all at once, you can add 97 metres (for a total of 21,097) and rank it in the Online Rankings as a half-marathon.

Is anybody in?

For those of you considering rowing this longer distance who may have issues with comfort, our fellow team mate Daniel has written a little review of a seat product:

The start of the 2016/2017 rowing season have not been the best for me. 
Problems with by back and now an terrible ache in my seat muscle and right leg have been ruined my plans to make a good time on my 18th in a row Stockholm Marathon on Saturday that I have trained a lot for lately.

I have got problems with numb-pain during long rows and was also thinking of buying a EndureRow seat. I read a lot of reviews of people that bought it and it was both good and negative reviews.
As I was searching on google for different kind of seats and pads I stumbled into this great portable rowing seat pad. I bought it directly and given it a try.

It was a bit awkward to sit on it in the beginning but you get used to it.

I've tried a half marathon on it and after 15 km it started to hurt a little bit so I took it away. And almost directly after that the numb-pain come back so I put the ProW seat back again and the numb-pain went away almost immediately!! So my guess is that after a couple of more hours on it your ass get used to it.

And yesterday I ordered the newly developed Citius Remex ProW Adjustable 2.0 seat. Gonna see if this one feels even more better!! If not, they have a 50 days full return guarantee. Hope this will help you a bit in your decision... The ProW seat is a bit costly too but is definitely worth it if it helps. And I like it that it's portable too, something that the EndureRower isn't.

This is not a sponsored post.
It is Daniel's independent review which we both thought might be useful for you all to read.