Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day One of the 2017 Season

The 2016 season is now over. How did you do? How many metres did you row? Did you beat any PB's or smash any distance sessions?

You have until the 7th May to upload any metres / rank pieces for the 2016 season.

Today is time to start a 2017 indoor rowing season with gusto.
Have you any ambitions or rowing ambitions you would like to achieve this year?

Share your plans on the blog / Facebook to help motivate yourself and energise the rest of the ETT'ers.


  1. 1.5 million meters (but I wouldn't be unhappy rowing 2 mm).

  2. Cheers everyone - Got 2.9mm in for season 2016, PBs for all distances (100m-marathon placed between 81st and 92 percentile of age group).
    Main goals for current season: 3mm, a marathon with a sub 2:00-average and SBs for placements above 85 percentile. Looks very tough right now though, still suffering from a major break due to a cold. Good luck everyone and happy erging in the current season - Hardy

  3. Started the 15-16 season with 3 million target. Refined to 2.5 million start of 15 but finished with 2.47 million - back problems. These still with me - no rowing in 16-17 so far - same issue - so will have to see how it goes :( Dave R

  4. Goal for the new season, stay active and enjoy!

  5. 2Mm for me, if my work travel allows it. If I manage to get my Model D will definitely be inspired. Looking forward to the team events as always and hope I will be at home during these. All the best to all the team mates for a safe, healthy (injury free) and successful 2017 season !