Sunday, 15 May 2016

2016 Affiliation Standings

I waited until the deadline had passed for all metres to be uploaded before posting this update.

For the 2016 season we finished in 9th place out of 2,103 world-wide teams which places us in the top 1%, go ETT'ers!

Well done team mates. Let's see how we do in the 2017 season. Can we get to 8th place this time?

Well done to the following team mates who completed the Global Marathon Challenge:

Full Marathon: Ken M and Tomasz
Half Marathon: Hardy and Jay

Excellent work there!


  1. Well done to the Marathoners, I was not even close to be ready to do even a half this year. That was an impressive 2016 season - top 1%, we really emptied the's to 2017.

  2. Congrats to our marathoners and half-marathoners. I attempted a full-marathon a couple weeks ago, but the monitor switched off after 24k as I took too long to get back to rowing after I stood up for a stretch and some water. Oh well.

    I get such terrible numb-pain in my left hip/glute area on these long rows. I'm considering buying an Endurerow seat to see if it helps. Has anyone used it? It's a bit costly, but if I can start doing longer distances with less pain, it would totally be worth it.

    As for the 2017 season, I'm happy with my start and I feel better than I have in a long time. Hopefully I can have a more productive Summer than my last 2 injury-filled Summers. I'd like to reach that 2-million meter mark this year.

    1. Hi Joe, I just have a regular C2 foam seat pad which is fine for my regular rowing. During some of my endurance rowing in the 2014 season it really didn't offer much comfort but tbh I'm not sure what would with Half, Full or 100k rows. I say go for it if you are considering doing more endurance stuff. Good to look after your bum!
      Good luck with your rowing aim for this season.

  3. Well done to all for 2015/16 and here's to 2016/17 (-:

    Thanks Caroline for all you do for the club too, it's great to be a part of it.....just need to sort myself out and do a bit more rowing (-:

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Happy for you to contribute more rowing as always!