Monday, 30 May 2016

May CTC One Boat Floated

It was a tough interval challenge by Sub 7 for this Cross Team Challenge this month. There is one day left and we need three more team mates to float boat two in the rankings.

Thanks to the following ETT'ers who have given it a pretty good shot!

27 pts
Empty the Tanks I15:01.5
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

91Empty the Tanks II16:33.2
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
Rob Drury (L)

777m / 223m / 777m / 223m / 777m / 223m / 777m / 223m
With 7 minutes total rest spread however you like between the reps.

I rowed a warm up 20 minutes before tackling this and chose to split the rests as follows:

30s > 30s > 1m > 1m > 1m > 75s > 75s

I needed that 'extra' time towards the end of the interval - although I really didn't feel like I had a rest at all as every rest seemed to fly by.

Any advice from team mates about how to approach this intense interval?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

2016 Affiliation Standings

I waited until the deadline had passed for all metres to be uploaded before posting this update.

For the 2016 season we finished in 9th place out of 2,103 world-wide teams which places us in the top 1%, go ETT'ers!

Well done team mates. Let's see how we do in the 2017 season. Can we get to 8th place this time?

Well done to the following team mates who completed the Global Marathon Challenge:

Full Marathon: Ken M and Tomasz
Half Marathon: Hardy and Jay

Excellent work there!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Global Marathon Challenge

1st May - 15th May

  • Choose from two levels of participation:
    • Full Marathon Challenge: Row or ski a full marathon (exactly 42,195 metres) in one workout during the first two weeks of May and enter it in your online logbook.
    • Half Marathon Challenge: Row or ski a half marathon (exactly 21,097 metres) in one workout during the first two weeks of May and enter it in your online logbook.
  • This is an individual challenge. (You do not need to belong to a team to participate.)
  • Metres must be entered online.
  • Indoor rower or SkiErg metres only (no on water/on snow metres please).
  • Metres must be rowed or skied all at once in one workout; you cannot combine metres from each machine to reach the half or full marathon total.
  • For tips on training for a marathon, visit the Marathon Rowing page
A great way to boost metres for the new rowing season.
Anybody in?

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day One of the 2017 Season

The 2016 season is now over. How did you do? How many metres did you row? Did you beat any PB's or smash any distance sessions?

You have until the 7th May to upload any metres / rank pieces for the 2016 season.

Today is time to start a 2017 indoor rowing season with gusto.
Have you any ambitions or rowing ambitions you would like to achieve this year?

Share your plans on the blog / Facebook to help motivate yourself and energise the rest of the ETT'ers.