Monday, 18 April 2016

WEC 2016 Final Update

Wow, that was a super speedy challenge.
Now that all metres have been uploaded I can give you the final results of the World Erg Challenge 2016.
We finished in 14th position out of 273 world-wide teams which places us in the top 5%.
We managed to keep Team Canada in 15th place but just couldn't quite topple CRUfit off 13th place!

Onto individual results and prizes:

Mike S is our main man in pole position with 850k!
Close behind in second place is Tomasz with 800k.
Excellent work guys you have worked extremely hard to achieve this!

Ken M is in third place with over 600k. Fantastic effort K.

Preston rowed hard with 550k metres! Well done.

Jeff B also worked very hard to achieve over 450k.

Dave R and Beate rowed an impressive 350k and 313k respectively. This makes Beate our top performing female in this competition eligible for an ETT T-shirt!

200k is one of the more popular clubs in the team with the following team mates pulling in some great numbers; Daniel S, 248k, Joe S, 225k, Hardy, 203k and Andy S with 200k. Andy S also hit 28MM lifetime metres during this challenge! Excellent work guys.

The most popular metre club in the competition with a decent number of team mates helping the team achieve our top 5% position; Steve S, 183k, Diggy, 169k, Caroline, 153k, Toni, 152k, Mike F, 151k, David G, 140k, John F, 135k, Leslie, 134k, Mike B, 133k, Bill S, 121k, Pongi, 113k, John B, 105k, Neil  K, 103k, Rob D, 100k.

A number of team mates just missed out on the 100k club: Phil, Les, Jan, Michael S and Karyn. 

A big thank you to all the rest of ETT who took the time and effort to contribute metres to help our 14th place position. Doug, Neil, Mark K, Ellie (only 16!), Mark L, Jim M, Simon C, Barb, Suzanne, David B, Justin, Emma, Alex and Jonathan.

Thank you to everybody who has made this challenge interesting, supportive and fun!

The exclusive ETT T-Shirts will be awarded to the following fantastic team mates:

 This award goes to Mike S for his impressive commitment to metres for the WEC and rowing 200k past his original goal of 500k.

Beate is not only the top female in the team for metres she also finished in 7th place out of ALL team mates. Well done!

The team mate who has been the most enthusiastic this challenge has been Diggy! He is always there with an encouraging word.

Encouraged by John F to join the team, David G he has put in an impressive amount of metres for his first challenge. Nice work David, we hope you join us on the the next team challenge in September.

Andy S deserves this award based upon his impressive lifetime metres of 28 million metres! How crazy is that?

Well done T-Shirt winners.
Please e-mail me your usual t-shirt size and address to
You will have your exclusive hand appliqued and embroidered prizes as soon as I've made them!


  1. Congratulations to the prize recipients and all of the participants. Well Done!!!! Pongi :)

  2. Yes, congratulations to all!
    I had PB's in the 1-hour and 1/2 marathon during this challenge. Unfortunately about halfway through, I tweaked my back a bit during some situps and that set me back some. Fortunately my recovery went well and I was back to full strength by the end.
    I know it's a long time until the Fall Challenge, but I hope everyone will keep rowing strong. Plus we at least have the CTC each month!

    1. Sorry about your back Joe and glad the recovery went well. Yes it's going to be a while until the next big team challenge. Great to have you on the team Joe!

  3. Congratulations to all the team on another excellent team result and especially to the ETT T-shirt winners. I am really stoked to be receiving one and look forward to wearing it with pride. As always the biggest thanks goes to our Captain for keeping the communications going and making us a great virtual team. Also all that work on producing those exclusive ETT T-shirts. Looking forward to the Fall challenge and maybe finding time to do some of the CTC challenges as well. Hoping to replace my aging Model C later this year with a model D or E. Anyone with a model E, any good the extra height? I am nervous it will feel like rowing in the air !

    1. I agree with everything you said. As far as the Model D vs E, I have the Model E and have no problem with the height, but it is also what I am use to. If you are comfortable with the lower height and don't want (or need) the couple of other differences the Model E has, I would probably just go with the Model D. Either way you are getting the new PM5 monitor and a quality piece of equipment. Hopefully this helped.

    2. Mike thanks for that comment - appreciated

  4. Congrats to all! Early in to the challenge, I got hit with a double whammy of a torn lateral meniscus and bronchitis. VERY slowly coming back on board -- sorry I couldn't contribute more this time around!