Sunday, 20 March 2016

WEC 2016 Day Five

Five days into the WEC competition and we are in 11th position out of 196 world-wide teams.
We have 41 team mates signed up to the challenge and 33 have uploaded their hard earned metres.

How are you felling in the first week of the challenge?
How are you doing on the Mud Madness challenge too?

We have happily rowed past Team Canada but we can not rest until we secure back our top ten place next week.

Keep rowing team!


  1. I missed rows on Thursday and Friday due to needs at work. Managed a sub-2:00-HM yesterday which was row 16 for the mud challenge. Planning another row for tonight so that mud progress number goes up to 17 and WTC-metres go up as well. Feeling a little tired (after all it´s spring) but healthy. Hope the last stays true for everybody else as well! Cheers and good rowing - Hardy

    1. Yeah - the first few days of Spring are always a boost!
      Nice work there Hardy. Keep it steady!

  2. Hey Mike. Take it easy on the back. You don't want any longer term damage by over-doing it!

  3. I think between the foam roller, stretching and shorter sessions, I should be okay. Its those 1 1/2-2 hour sessions that I really start to feel it.