Monday, 28 March 2016

WEC 2016 Update

I hope you all enjoyed a restful Easter with family and friends.
So now fuelled with chocolate Easter eggs and other treats we can channel that energy into the WEC.
We are doing well with our current position 12th out of 245 teams which places us in the top 5%.

Individual team mates have been hitting the C2 hard over the past 13 days with the following placed in the top ten:

Mike S and Tomasz are both erging hard in the 300k+ club battling it out for pole position.

Ken, Preston and Jeff B are enjoying the exclusive 200k+ club in the top five places in the team.

Daniel, Dave, Harmut and Beate are in the 100k club which is pretty impressive stuff!

Joe S, Diggy, Steve and Andy are very close to the 100k club.

Thanks to the rest of the team contributing to our 12th place position.
Keep rowing hard!


  1. First time I forgot about the WEC and did not subscribe until a couple days in. Been trying to increase the metres each day and slowly getting there. Unfortunately a business trip means I will probably lose 8 days of rowing. Glad to be rowing again with this great team and thanks, as always, to our captain Caroline for making it extra special with the blog and now the coveted ETT T shirts

    1. Forgot to add, I see our old rivals Team Canada creeping up the rankings to give us some lively competition as usual.

    2. As always. Team Cananda are just near us in metres!

  2. It looks like we are going to finish the day in 11th place. We've added almost 300k meters since Caroline posted this update. Great job everyone!

  3. Not too many eggs this year - the last 2 challengs have come at just the right time to 'spur me on' to my most metres in a year, if April goes to plan :) Dave roberts