Sunday, 28 February 2016

March Challenges

The month starts off with the Mud Season Challenge. An individual challenge to row 5k or more for 25 days of March. This challenge runs from 1st March - 31st March.

The next team challenge the World Erg Challenge starts on the 15th March until 15th April. Row as many metres as humanly possible as a team during the given time schedule.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day and VTC t-shirt winners!

Happy Valentine's Day ETT'ers!
I hope you have enjoyed / are enjoying a nice day with your loved ones!
How many of you took part in the Valentine Challenge?
I would normally be able to check the Honour Board using a 'team affiliation' filter but the new logbook only allows you to search 'name' or 'metres' which is a little frustrating as a team captain!
Hope you had fun - I always print out a C2 Valentine's Day card - it's become a tradition in my household!

VTC T-Shirt Winners

As promised, onto the more pressing details about our ETT t-shirt winners from the January Virtual Team Challenge. Firstly, thank you to all team mates who contributed to such a great event.
I have awarded prizes for the following categories:

This prize goes to Hartmut D because of his enthusiastic comments on the team Blog and Facebook page!

The best new team mate prize goes to the lovely Barb who alongside Hartmut has been encouraging us all the way this team challenge!

Suzanne rowed the most metres out of all our fab female rowers with over 225,000 metres. Great to have you on the team Suzanne!

Joe S rowed his personal best ever amount of metres in a team challenge with over 320,000 metres! He says he feeling like his old self again, which is great news Joe!

The most metres rowed in this challenge was by the amazing Steve C who clocked up an impressively awesome 1.1 million metres in one month. We hope you have been enjoying some down-time over the past fortnight Steve!

Please send me your sizes and addresses if you would like to be the owner of one of my exclusive hand-appliqu├ęd and embroidered ETT team t-shirts!

Have a great evening ETT'ers!