Sunday, 17 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week Two Update

We are well into week two of the Virtual Team Challenge and we are doing very well!

14th out of 451 teams
65 team mates signed up
60 team mates have uploaded metres
Average of 88,000 metres
Total of 5,739,000 metres

The top ten performing team mates this week are:

1 Steve Coles 542,751m
2 Tomasz Skowron 399,710m
3 JTHERED 19 395,655m
4 Hartmut Dicke 248,593m
5 Bill Schmidt 212,000m
6 Jeffrey Budimier 209,480m
7 Kenneth Murdoch 179,123m
8 Jan Van Der Horst 176,065m
9 Andy Soyring 164,397m
10 Rob Drury 159,131m

Looks like we have a few t-shirt winners in this bunch.... but there is still time for that to change over the next two weeks.

Has anybody made any major progress / beaten any PB's / longest distance rows that I can share with the rest of the team?

Has the weather affected any of your training sessions? We have had the first dusting of snow in the UK this winter - I know that it has been very hot in the southern hemisphere over the past month or so - Pongi has been tackling bush fires left, right and centre!

Keep up the great work team!


  1. Great work everybody. Sorry to hear about Pongi´s troubles. We had some snow today but nothing that would affect training. On the contrary it´s nicely cold in my erging dungeon, which helped with my marathon and a couple other PBs. Due to a birthday party I was invited to I took two days off over this weekend but will be back on the rig tomorrow. Cheers - Hardy

  2. Weather here has been cold, -15 F this morning (wind chill put it at -27 F) so going to workout before work is not enticing. On the other hand my regular racquetball opponent is on the shelf for 6 weeks so I should be able to put that time to use on the rower. - Jim Moldenhauer

  3. I'm in awe at those guys at the top of the list! Bravo! Keep up the great work.

    We had 50 mph wind gusts today (MA, US) so spent the time on the erg (~10K meters).

    I'm new and short and slow, but love these challenges to keep me going. By the way, Team #15 (Team Canada) is sneaking up on us! We need to add some more meters quickly!

    Go ETT!

  4. The weather where I am from in Australia has been generally hot (35 - 45 degrees Celsius). It makes rowing that little bit more challenging so I'm just plodding along doing what I can but just that little bit slower!

    Glad to be back from the Waroona Fire. Not sure if you heard about in the news over your but it was our worst fire in Western Australia in 60 years and had tragic consequences.

    All the best for the rest of the challenge ETTers! Cheers Pongi :)

    1. We appreciate your metres despite the heat you are having to endure!

  5. Same here as Pongi, hot weather in Santiago rowing in 30+ Celsius is rather uncomfortable..I have noted that when doing a 1 hour session the temperature in the room with my rower goes up by at least a degree, if only I could channel all that heat energy into metres and speed :)

    1. Wow - so you are responsible for all that global warming Diggy!! Great to have you on board again ; )

  6. I see our old rivals Team Canada are nibbling at our heels !

    1. Yes - they are always there in the background!

  7. This was a great opportunity to attempt my first half marathon. Knocked it out last week in 1:33:06. On November 1, 2015, I was completely sedentary and had never rowed, so I'm feeling pretty good about the progress so far and feeling really motivated by how good the rest of this team is. I'm trying to catch up to the rest of you.