Sunday, 10 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week One Update

We have rowed an amazing 3 million metres and are in 14th place out of 396 teams.
Impressive individual contributions from the top ten team mates:

1  Steve Coles 292,556m
Tomasz Skowron 209,043m
3  JTHERED 19 184,681m
4  Hartmut Dicke 146,550m
5  Bill Schmidt 141,000m
6  Jan Van Der Horst 125,913m
7  Jeffrey Budimier 123,570m
8  Andy Soyring 105,457m
9  Mark Bower 86,542m
10  Nick Wardekker 78,264m

In the haste to get back to work and the usual routines I completely forgot to mention the ETT t-shirt prizes for the following five categories for the VTC 2016:
  • Most enthusiastic team mate
  • Most metres
  • Personal Best time / distance
  • Best new team mate
  • Best female
Below Bill and Daniel are modelling their winners t-shirts from the FTC 2015 Challenge.

Bill S after rowing a PB marathon for the LWT 50-59 category
Daniel S modelling the exclusive ETT winners t-shirt from FTC 2015
Maybe you will win one for the VTC 2016?


  1. Steve Coles is kicking it!!! He'll look good in the ETT t-shirt!

  2. He is, but stonking metres already, well rowed all. I'm going to have to pull my finger out to get near any of the t-shirts this time......though to be honest, I don't think I will have the time to do anything about the last one!

    1. Yeah - good point - you have four other categories to go for!

  3. I've signed up late but have been rowing this month. Can't seem to manage to upload my metres at the moment though but will keep trying!

    Hoping to get 100k logged for the team but I've also entered my first 10k run for the 1st time in about 5 years and am now panic-training for that which is 2nd week in Feb as I'm well out of practice with that. With this weather in the UK though, it's making rowing definitely seem the lesser of 2 evils compared to running outside...

    1. Good luck with the running - rowing on the C2 is def the lesser of the two evils when it comes to the UK weather!!

  4. Hi, all, yes, after 3 years of failing, I'm trying for the dreaded 1M metres, again - on paper it could work, in practice it's a month of circumventing germs (although I do have "the popular cough one" atm), well-planned parenting, strict 9-5 work, and compulsory club otw training sessions - yesterday in hail and thunder.

    Good luck everyone, I love the vtc, a great time for laying down base aerobic conditioning for the year ahead, and shedding Christmas mince pies.


    1. Def!
      Good luck with the 1M metres Steve - you looks set to smash it (the 'lurgy' withstanding).
      Keep some extra Vit C, Zinc and Vit K close at hand to avoid the winter germs.

    2. Indeed, good luck Steve! I did my 1M in 2010 for the WEC as 17.5km before work (in the work gym though) and 12.5km at lunch (back in the work gym!). Seemed to work for me, meant I could have my evenings free which obviously helped with all the things you mentioned!

    3. What an awesome goal, Steve. Stay healthy, have fun, and smash that 1M goal!!! Watching and learning in awe!

  5. Astonishing meters Steve!
    My plan for this challenge is to improve monthly max which stands at 323k from June 2015, and to row my second FM while being at it and otherwise to follow a structured plan (Pete plan with some additional w/u and c/d-meters). On PP week 2 now, with a 5k-PB as a PP-hard endurance piece from the first week for the ctc-event. Good luck everyone, stay healthy and Keep up the good work! - Hardy D.

  6. Those t-shirts are awesome!!! What a cool team gift!

    Rock on Steve and all you top-10'ers!!!

    Barb, newbie and shortie (5'2")

  7. Steve
    Good luck with the 1Million - it would be an awesome achievement !

    Dave Roberts