Sunday, 24 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week Three Update

Its been a busy week in the Virtual Team Challenge and we have been rowing our butts off!

Here are the top ten performing members of the team so far this competition:

1 Steve Coles 801,098m
2 Tomasz Skowron 606,672m
3 JTHERED 19 574,434m
4 Hartmut Dicke 332,479m
5 Kenneth Murdoch 319,547m
6 Jeffrey Budimier 304,975m
7 Bill Schmidt 284,000m
8 Rob Drury 252,892m
9 Mark Bower 230,302m
10 Jan Van Der Horst 229,530m

And the magic numbers people have rowed so far:

Steve is in Pole position with an astounding 800k!

Tom is in second position with an impressive 600k.

Jason is in third place with half a million metres!

Hardy, Ken and Jeff have amassed over 300k each.

Rob, Mark, Jan, David, Doug, Andy and Diggy are fully paid up members of the 200k club!

Joe, Daniel, Suzanne (the top female), John, Mark L, Phil, Geoff B, Barb, Dave R, Hector, Nick, Les, Leslie, Caroline, Jeff K are all in the 100k club.

The following team mates are close to the 100k club are are helping the team stay in the 14th place position out of 456 teams:

Karyn Mc
Dave P
Mike B
Mohamed M
Mike F
Mike S
Peter C
Karen V
Matthias R
Ian C
Andrew L
Craig O
Norman H
Ellie Mc
James G
Justin P
Neil R
Doug Ly
Mark K
Toni B
Jim M
xavier h
Jeff W
Bouke D
Justin Clift
Kevin Mc
Amanda B

Keep it up team. We have only one more week left to make a difference!


  1. Come on ETT'ers - the dreaded Team Canada are snapping at our heels again this year; our average K per person is much higher, and just a couple of extra Ks each per day will keep them at bay. Alas my knee with no cartilage has been on ice all day, hopefully mended for Monday.

    1. Take it easy Steve - we don't want any lasting injuries for you!!

  2. Steve -- NO KIDDING about Team Canada -- they are so close (and have occasionally been ahead too). I did 11K while watching some football today and will sneak a bit more in tomorrow before and after work.

    Good luck healing up quickly! I'd love to witness you hitting your 1M meter goal!

  3. Looking to stay consistent this last week. Put in the metres during my normal time slot no matter what. This will get me to my personal goal for the VTC.


    1. Good luck for your VTC goal Bill - looks like you are def on track!