Monday, 4 January 2016

VTC 2016 Days Three and Four

Yeah! We have amassed over one million metres in just four days!

Even better the new C2 logbook now allows members to sort alphabetically and by metres so it is easy to see who is at the top of the team!

Gold: Congratulations goes out to Steve C who has rowed over 100k.
Silver:  Bill S is in second place with 60k
Bronze:  Followed closely by Jeff B with 55k.

We have a number of new faces on the team.
Say hello to the following ergers:

Tomasz S
William B
James G
Jeff B
Barb C
Suzanne B
Toni B

Welcome to the team and we hope you enjoy rowing with us during the Virtual Team Challenge.

12th out of 275 teams
54 team mates have signed up
Average metres of 19,051
Team total of 1,028,728m

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