Sunday, 31 January 2016

Final week of the VTC 2016!

Wow! What a fantastic start to the year ETT'ers!
We have rowed our way into 15th place out of 459. That places us in the top 3% of world-wide teams.
Pretty darn impressive stuff folks.

Now onto individual achievements:

Steve C hit his personal goal of one million metres in a month! Amazing work there Steve, you deserve a decent chill out after that.

Jason was so close behind Steve with 929k. Very impressive J!

Tom S rowed over 831k and is sitting in third position. Excellent stuff Tom!

Ken M, Hartmut and Jeff B all rowed over 400k and places them in 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively. Nice one gents!

Bill S, Rob, D, Joe S and Mark all erged over 300k each.  Awesome work fellas.

200k, a popular party club for ETT'ers with Diggy, Jan, Suzanne (top female rower), Doug, John B, David R, Andy S, Dan S and Dave R in the house!

The 100k club is the most popular hang-out this challenge with the following cool team mates: Phil V, Mark l, Barb, Les J, Geoff, Caroline, Leslie, Karyn, Hector, Nick W, Mike B, Ian, Pongi, Mohamed, Mike S, Peter C, Andy L and Jeff K.

A select bunch of rowers nearly hit 100k (they might be uploading extra metres in the next few days/). Thanks to Matt R, Mike F, Ellie and Karen.

We wouldn't be in 15th position with the contribution of metres from the following team mates:  Doug, Toni, Xavier, James G, Craig, Norman, Jonathan T, Justin, Neil, William, Mark K, Jim M, Gary Mc, Jeff W, Bouke, Justin, Amanda, Kevin, O and Luis!

Thanks again team mates for an awesome challenge this January. We didn't quite catch Team Canada (but that may change after the next few days uploads) but they have been a good motivator to keep up the metres!

I will award the five team prizes next week once team mates have had a chance to update their metres. I will also report any individual personal achievements - please post on the blog or Facebook page or e-mail me with any news that I can share with the rest of the team!

Have a great week and don't forget the following if you are getting withdrawal symptoms from the C2:

February CTC = Lucky 7

Row for 3 x 7 minutes with 5 minutes rest between reps. All standing starts. Record your lowest distance for 7 minutes.

Valentine's Row

Row 14,000 metres between 9th - 14th February. You can then download a C2 designed Valentine card for that special somebody in your life!

Thanks again team mates,

Caroline ETT Captain.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week Three Update

Its been a busy week in the Virtual Team Challenge and we have been rowing our butts off!

Here are the top ten performing members of the team so far this competition:

1 Steve Coles 801,098m
2 Tomasz Skowron 606,672m
3 JTHERED 19 574,434m
4 Hartmut Dicke 332,479m
5 Kenneth Murdoch 319,547m
6 Jeffrey Budimier 304,975m
7 Bill Schmidt 284,000m
8 Rob Drury 252,892m
9 Mark Bower 230,302m
10 Jan Van Der Horst 229,530m

And the magic numbers people have rowed so far:

Steve is in Pole position with an astounding 800k!

Tom is in second position with an impressive 600k.

Jason is in third place with half a million metres!

Hardy, Ken and Jeff have amassed over 300k each.

Rob, Mark, Jan, David, Doug, Andy and Diggy are fully paid up members of the 200k club!

Joe, Daniel, Suzanne (the top female), John, Mark L, Phil, Geoff B, Barb, Dave R, Hector, Nick, Les, Leslie, Caroline, Jeff K are all in the 100k club.

The following team mates are close to the 100k club are are helping the team stay in the 14th place position out of 456 teams:

Karyn Mc
Dave P
Mike B
Mohamed M
Mike F
Mike S
Peter C
Karen V
Matthias R
Ian C
Andrew L
Craig O
Norman H
Ellie Mc
James G
Justin P
Neil R
Doug Ly
Mark K
Toni B
Jim M
xavier h
Jeff W
Bouke D
Justin Clift
Kevin Mc
Amanda B

Keep it up team. We have only one more week left to make a difference!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week Two Update

We are well into week two of the Virtual Team Challenge and we are doing very well!

14th out of 451 teams
65 team mates signed up
60 team mates have uploaded metres
Average of 88,000 metres
Total of 5,739,000 metres

The top ten performing team mates this week are:

1 Steve Coles 542,751m
2 Tomasz Skowron 399,710m
3 JTHERED 19 395,655m
4 Hartmut Dicke 248,593m
5 Bill Schmidt 212,000m
6 Jeffrey Budimier 209,480m
7 Kenneth Murdoch 179,123m
8 Jan Van Der Horst 176,065m
9 Andy Soyring 164,397m
10 Rob Drury 159,131m

Looks like we have a few t-shirt winners in this bunch.... but there is still time for that to change over the next two weeks.

Has anybody made any major progress / beaten any PB's / longest distance rows that I can share with the rest of the team?

Has the weather affected any of your training sessions? We have had the first dusting of snow in the UK this winter - I know that it has been very hot in the southern hemisphere over the past month or so - Pongi has been tackling bush fires left, right and centre!

Keep up the great work team!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

VTC 2016 Week One Update

We have rowed an amazing 3 million metres and are in 14th place out of 396 teams.
Impressive individual contributions from the top ten team mates:

1  Steve Coles 292,556m
Tomasz Skowron 209,043m
3  JTHERED 19 184,681m
4  Hartmut Dicke 146,550m
5  Bill Schmidt 141,000m
6  Jan Van Der Horst 125,913m
7  Jeffrey Budimier 123,570m
8  Andy Soyring 105,457m
9  Mark Bower 86,542m
10  Nick Wardekker 78,264m

In the haste to get back to work and the usual routines I completely forgot to mention the ETT t-shirt prizes for the following five categories for the VTC 2016:
  • Most enthusiastic team mate
  • Most metres
  • Personal Best time / distance
  • Best new team mate
  • Best female
Below Bill and Daniel are modelling their winners t-shirts from the FTC 2015 Challenge.

Bill S after rowing a PB marathon for the LWT 50-59 category
Daniel S modelling the exclusive ETT winners t-shirt from FTC 2015
Maybe you will win one for the VTC 2016?

Monday, 4 January 2016

Boat One floated in Jan CTC

The first Cross Team Challenge of the year is a straight forward 5k. No rate restrictions.

We floated our first boat today with thanks to the following team mates:

2 pts
Empty the Tanks I21:18.7
Pongi (H)
Bouke Dieleman (H)
Daniel Sundqvist (L)
Rob Drury (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

24Empty the Tanks II24:51.8
Mark Kaehler (H)
Caroline Joynson (L)
This is a good steady session that will boost your VTC metres and improve your stamina for longer sessions.
I think we can all squeeze a good couple of these bad-boys into our January work-out sessions and increase our metres for the chance to move up into the top ten spot of the Virtual Team Challenge.

VTC 2016 Days Three and Four

Yeah! We have amassed over one million metres in just four days!

Even better the new C2 logbook now allows members to sort alphabetically and by metres so it is easy to see who is at the top of the team!

Gold: Congratulations goes out to Steve C who has rowed over 100k.
Silver:  Bill S is in second place with 60k
Bronze:  Followed closely by Jeff B with 55k.

We have a number of new faces on the team.
Say hello to the following ergers:

Tomasz S
William B
James G
Jeff B
Barb C
Suzanne B
Toni B

Welcome to the team and we hope you enjoy rowing with us during the Virtual Team Challenge.

12th out of 275 teams
54 team mates have signed up
Average metres of 19,051
Team total of 1,028,728m

Saturday, 2 January 2016

VTC 2016 Day Two

Quite a bunch more team mates have signed up and contributed metres to the Virtual Team Challenge. Also we can now see the names of team mates and the metres on the new logbook which is so much more helpful.

The downside to the new logbook is that you can't sort by metres rowed in the team  and strangely the list is not even alphabetical?!

Onto some statistics for Day Two of the VTC:

11th out of 194 teams
45 team mates have signed up
Average metres of 8,391
Team total of 377,593m

Great stuff team. Keep erging!

Friday, 1 January 2016

VTC 2016 Day One

Happy New Year Empty the Tanks!

We have started 2016 with five team mates uploading metres for the Virtual Team Challenge. We are in 21st position and have rowed an average of 846 metres each.

34 team mates have signed up to the challenge so far and I suspect a number of ETT'ers are recovering after a fun New Years Eve party!

Due to a few glitches in the new online logbook I am unable to see who has uploaded metres to the team - I am sure it is something that will get sorted out soon. Is anybody else having this issue?

Happy erging team mates!