Sunday, 11 October 2015

FTC 2015 Day 27

We are in the final stretch of the Fall Team Challenge and we have moved up to 9th place out of 271 teams which is brilliant!

I will be checking out the final standings carefully in this final week of the challenge so I can award the prizes promised for the following achievements:

  • Most enthusiastic team mate
  • Most metres
  • Personal Best time / distance
  • Best new team mate
  • Most hard-core / bad-ass
Please let me know of any Personal Best achievements or distances rowed so I can consider you for the prizes. E-mail me or leave a message on the Facebook page or ETT blog.

Jason is still in pole position. Keep on rowing hard! You are awesome.

Matt L is holding up second place with some might. Nice work mate.

Bill S and Ken M are keeping each other company in the 400k club. Great stuff guys.

Steve is the sole member of the 300k club this week. Nice job there!

The 200k club has a fine set including: Hector, Rob D, Shawn, Jeff, Mike, Allan and John F!

Gary, Rainer, Jeff B, Rob P, Andy L, Caroline, Doug, Pongi, Mark, Andy H, Doug, Mike F, Jan, Hartmut, Karyn, Neil, Joe S and Norman have all joined the 100k club! Nice one ETT'ers.

Kevin, David H, Diggy, James, Luis and Ian are all in the nearly 100k and should be there by the end of the competition!

And of course thanks to the rest of the team without whose contributions would mean we may not be in the top ten!
Cheers to Rob T, Les, Lucas, Daniel, Ellie, Kevin, Xavier, Andrew, Neil, Nick, Justin, Dave, Lisa, Bill, Sarah and Robert.

Hopefully Esa, Tim, Wayne and Craig will also post some metres before the end of the challenge!

Keep on rolling team. We are doing extremely well.
See you on the other side........ we only have four more days left!
We can do this!


  1. Less than a million metres away from the magical ten million metres marker! We have a shot at breaking this barrier with a final push these last few days! Come on ETT lets empty the tanks!

  2. I've not been rowing much the last 12 months but it's actually felt good getting back on it (after the initial torture of the first couple of sessions)

    I've had a bit of a creaky knee mid way through this though, so had to take it easy for a few days - I'll be in the 100k club before the end (annoyingly I'm about 200m off tonight...) but won't make the 200k club. Will try to do my bit to help hit 10m though in the next few days.

    Well done everyone, I'm in awe at the distances some of you can achieve.

    1. Hope the knee holds up Lucas. Great having you on board!

  3. Vacations and work meant I have only managed to get a few days on the C2 for this challenge, but I have Emptied the Tanks each session and just broken through the 100k. The BBC Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week series was a great inspiration to watch whilst rowing through the aches and pains, having not done much rowing this year. 10M not a problem with such a great team and a great captain !

    1. Thanks Diggy.It sounds like you have dug-deep yourself there. Always happy to have you on the team ; )

  4. It's been a while since I participated in one of these challenges. It's been great being back. I pushed it a little hard the first 2 weeks and wore my back out, so I took a few days off, but trying to finish hard. 10 million is definitely in reach.

    I just passed my 3 millionth meter, and I am maintaining my 60 lb weight loss since I started. 10/29/15 will mark 2 years of rowing. I definitely wouldn't have stayed with it without ETT.

    Thanks to you Caroline and to all the wonderful teammates on ETT for encouragement and motivation,
    Jeff K

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words Jeff. That is a great achievement hitting 3 million metres! Nice work for two years on the erg.
      We are very happy to have you on the team x

  5. Astonishing results everybody! Torn/strained muscle has kept me back but seems to be improving finally. Totally stupid dead bang on the day prior to the challenge but that´s life to you. Hope to get in some ks on the last shot the next couple days. Let´s get to 10MM guys!

    1. That is very unlucky Hartmut - sorry to hear about that! Hope you are feeling better and we thank you in advance for any k's you can give in the last few days of the FTC 2015.