Sunday, 4 October 2015

FTC 2015 Day 20

Wowzers folks we are on the other side of the half-way point of this challenge. We have erged our butts off so far.
We are still in the top ten with today's position in 9th place out of 271 world-wide teams.

Here are some individual results:

 Jthered has hit over 500k this week. Wow, impressive stuff!

Matt has reached the 400k milestone. A great achievement.

Ken M, Bill and David are in the cool 300k club! You are looking good guys.

Shawn, and Jeff are currently the only members in the exclusive 200k club. Nice work fellas.

The 100k has a great bunch of team mates in the crew.
Hector, Gary, Rob D, Steve C, Rainer, Mike, John F, Jeff B, Allan, Andrew, Andy S, Rob, Mark, Caroline, Jan, Doug, Neil and Norman!

We have a bunch of hard-working ETT'ers who are almost in the 100k club who should get there in the next day or two!
Hartmut, Karyn, Mike F, Doug and Pongi.

A massive thanks to the rest of the team who have signed up and contributed metres:
James, Luis, Joe, Kevin, Andrew, Ian, Les, Lucas, David, Rob, Andreas, Michael, matt, Daniel, Edward, Jonathan, John B, Diggy, Emma, Toni, Kevin, Duncan, Susanna, Mark, Leslie, Andrew, Megan, Nick, Xavier, Ellie, Justin, Neil, Lisa, Sarah and Rob.

Only 11 more days of competition. We can definitely stay in the top ten with this pace.
Keep up the amazing work team!

Don't forget to enter a time for this month's CTC - I completely forgot to enter my time last month, DOH! which meant we only had one boat floated in the points rankings.

This month's challenge has been set by the Forum Flyers.
The October CTC is 15 reps of one minute with one minute rests. 


  1. Wow! This is my first FTC, I'm so impressed and glad to be on this amazing team. Great work everyone!!

    1. Glad to have you on board Gary. Not long to go now....

  2. My sincere thanks to all those who voted 'No, give 'em another chance!'. I holiday on a Greek island where all the gyms (er, all 2 that is) have closed down. Very frustrating but now I'm back in the saddle, so to speak, in the UK w.e.f. 2 Oct, I shall be contributing my bit. A modest 100k to work off the ouzo and mezes!

    1. Hey Leslie - glad to have your metres - every metre counts!