Sunday, 20 September 2015

FTC 2015 Day Six

Day six and we are in 7th place out of 240 world-wide teams.
We have some crazy team mates at the top of the team having daily battles for pole position! Today we have Ken M at the top, with Jthered in second and Matt L in third.
Over ten members; Steve, Jeff K, Jan, Rob D, Shawn, Hector, Gary, John F, Bill, Andrew and Rainer have rowed over 50K.
16 team mates have contributed over 25k, Doug, Andy, Mike, Rob P, Jeff B, Mark, Allan, Neil, Caroline, Mike, Norman, Joe, Karyn, Pongi, Luis and Matt R.
Great work ETT'ers.
Tomorrow will be the end of week one and we should aim to secure our 7th place with a few extra metres each.
Keep rowing strong!

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