Tuesday, 15 September 2015

FTC 2015 Day One

We have shot out of the dock like a torpedo and are in 7th place out of 144 teams on the first day of the FTC 2015. Sub 7 are close behind us and our old nemesis FIRT are only ahead by 500k!

Ken M has rowed a Full marathon and not far behind is new team mate Jthered 19.
Keep up the great momentum ETT'ers.

1Kenneth MurdochM4642,195
2JTHERED 19M4525,000
3Rob DruryM6823,102
4Shawn KenaleyM3816,000
5Gary McCormackM4710,748
6Jan Van Der HorstM4510,436
7John FewtrellM6910,000
8Jeff KueckerM4710,000
9Rainer SaadM2810,000
10Joseph SmyntekM357,924
11Edward JacksonM627,000
12Doug LyM346,683
13Caroline JoynsonF426,000
14Duncan MurrayM486,000
15Michael SiersM515,191
16Kevin McLellanM634,207
17Kevin SantoneM494,000
18Neil KingstonM332,000

During a team challenge I typically update the blog around this time each day and as we are a world-wide team I know so of you may not have had a chance to row or upload yet. Please don't worry as your contributions will be counted in the following blog post.

Entering into the spirit of endurance rowing (which I know some of you are planning to do over the next month) have you any tips to share with the rest of the team?

Q: What food do you eat to prepare for a longer erg session?

If you have been a follower of this blog for a while you will probably already know my big love for sweet potatoes. I usually roast up a huge batch at the weekend and then microwave a bowl of them and scoff about an hour before a big rowing session.

Q: Do you think adding electrolytes to your drink / water makes a difference?

I have recently been adding a squirt of electrolytes into my water bottle during a harder bike turbo or rowing session and I have noticed a difference afterwards with a quicker recovery (although I haven't been that scientific about if it has improved my erging or bike performance. Yet)

Share what you eat and drink for endurance rowing......


  1. Great start for the ETTers .... Well Done!

    Regarding Food - nothing special for me, I just try and eat clean and healthy but doesn't always work though! However before the longer rows I might have a sports gel.

    Regarding Electrolytes / Hydralytes - yes most definitely before and after rowing. This is really important especially in the hellishly hot summers we have in Australia where I can easily sweat out up to 2 - 3 litres of sweet in a one hour to half marathon session. I use Endura products

    All the best cheers Pongi :)

    1. that was meant to be sweat .... not sweet!