Monday, 24 August 2015

Events coming up

Hey ETT'ers I hope you are having a great summer / winter. There are a number of events coming up which you might be interested in.

Firstly, the Fall Team Challenge starts on September 15th until October 15th.
You can read how to sign up to the team challenge in the team competition tab on my blog above ^.
So far we have the following keen team mates already signed up and ready to go....

2Leslie FoxM660
3Norman HaasM590
4Caroline JoynsonF420
5Esa LahnakoskiM640
6David HopkinsonM360
7Les JonesM500
8Wayne HollinsheadM490
9Jeff KueckerM470
10Thomas KroekerM360
11Jan Van Der HorstM450
12Bill SchmidtM540
13Daniel SundqvistM370
14Megan FlickelF380
15jas bargewellM450
16Doug LyM34

We have a few new faces in the mix so let's welcome them into the ETT fold and show them what we are made of. Historically the FTC is our best participated team event and we usually row the most metres compared to the other team events (JVTC and WEC).
I am optimistic that this will be our best yet!

If you are in the UK or fancy a trip to London then the BRIC 2016 is set for Saturday 12th December 2015 at the Lee Valley Velopark.
That gives you a decent four months of training to prepare for the 2,000 metre event.
There is a fantastic C2 interactive training programme available here.
Read more about the event here.

The September Cross Team Challenge set by the Gee Crew is as follows:

1,852 metres 2 mins rest 751 metres

Enjoy the rest of your week ETT'ers!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Boat one floated in August CTC

We have managed to get a boat in the points rankings in the first week of the challenge this month with a second boat part filled already! Thanks to the following team mates;

8 pts
Empty the Tanks I6896.2m
Mark Bower (H)
Pongi (H)
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

32Empty the Tanks II6516.5m
Mike Bode (H)
Rob Drury (L)

A welcome return to Mark B after a small stint away from rowing to enjoy the pursuit of running - yes! Running. Outdoors... such a crazy idea I know!!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

July CTC Final Update

We floated two boats in our July challenge.

Thanks to the following team mates who rowed the Scorpion and were left with a temporary pain from that 2k sting in the tail.
Several of our hardcore ETT'ers tried this several times to achieve their best possible time.

49 pts
Empty the Tanks I12:28.3
Steve Coles (H)
Rainer Saad (H)
Pongi (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

16 pts
Empty the Tanks II13:42.5
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Andy Soyring (H)
Daniel Sundqvist (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

80Empty the Tanks III13:34.5
edward jackson (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Lucas Nightingale (H)
Rob Drury (L)

92Empty the Tanks IV14:44.9
Mark Kaehler (H)

Thanks to everybody who took part in our CTC challenge. You definitely gave it your all!

I am however a little disappointed in the lack of girls taking part in the monthly challenge.... maybe they didn't fancy the Scorpion with its sharp finale?

The August Cross Team Challenge has been set by Free Spirits in celebration of their 9 year anniversary.
3 x 9 minutes with 3 minute rests between intervals. No rate restrictions.