Monday, 22 June 2015

Empty the Tanks July CTC

The Scorpion - The interval session with a sting in its tail.

500m > 1 min r > 400m > 1 min r > 300m > 1 min r > 200m > 1 min r > 100m > 2 min r > 2000m
From a standing start, all others can be rolling.
Enter the time for the total 3500 metres minus 6 minute rests.

Only two votes more popular!
Looks like we will have a few people discussing this session over the next month.

  • Have we any tactics for the month?
  • Are we all going to tackle it in the first week and then try another before the end of the month?
  • Any ideas about how we should play this?
  • We also need some more LADIES to get involved too. Start sweet talking those lady friends and family now!


  1. I tackled the 'Scorpion' a couple of days ago as punishment for failing my second attempt at this months challenge (I was too ambitious and went handle down!). So therefore I was already fatigued going into the 'Scorpion' but completed all intervals at my 2km pace or there abouts!

    For the 'real deal' i'll aim to row the short intervals at between my 500m and 1km pace and then for the final 2km i'll try and keep it as close as possible to my 2km pace to feel that 'sting'. I'll see how that goes ....... ?

    Good luck with it ETTers!

    Cheers Pongi:)

  2. Thanks Pongi! I'm loving the preparation work for this one x
    Good luck to all!!