Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Good Luck for the July CTC

Hopefully the sting won't be permanent! Good luck with the Scorpion tomorrow and the rest of the month.
Sorry folks but I won't be able to do this session until the weekend due to work commitments. Have a great row ETT'ers!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Empty the Tanks July CTC

The Scorpion - The interval session with a sting in its tail.

500m > 1 min r > 400m > 1 min r > 300m > 1 min r > 200m > 1 min r > 100m > 2 min r > 2000m
From a standing start, all others can be rolling.
Enter the time for the total 3500 metres minus 6 minute rests.

Only two votes more popular!
Looks like we will have a few people discussing this session over the next month.

  • Have we any tactics for the month?
  • Are we all going to tackle it in the first week and then try another before the end of the month?
  • Any ideas about how we should play this?
  • We also need some more LADIES to get involved too. Start sweet talking those lady friends and family now!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Solstice challenge and July CTC vote

Row 21,000 metres today in celebration of the summer solstice.
It can be completed over a number of sessions but within a 24 hour period.
What do you win? A feeling of pride and your name on the honour board (and a downloadable certificate).

There are 12 hours left to vote for the July CTC. The Scorpion is in the lead right now. Will it change by the end of the day?

And a Happy Fathers Day to dad's in the UK ; )

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Re-Vote for July CTC!

ETT'ers, we have a tie situation for the July Cross Team Challenge.
Here are the results:

Joint first with 33% of the vote
  • 2009 seconds
  • The scorpion (500 > 400 > 300 > 200 > 100 1r's > 2r > 2000)
The rest
  • 18% 2992 metres
  • 9% 2009 metres
  • 6% 7 x 700 metres
Looks like we have to do another vote this week between the top two choices:
  • 2009 seconds
  • The scorpion (500 > 400 > 300 > 200 > 100 1r's > 2r > 2000)
Same again ETT'ers - vote at the top right of the blog!

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Firstly thanks to those who have given suggestions for the July CTC.
We now need to vote for the most popular session.

A lot of team mates used 2009 (the year ETT was established) or our 7 year anniversary as a starting point for ideas.

Mike pointed out that our 7 year anniversary won't be until January 2016.
Oopps! Any 7's will be changed to 6's. 

Here are the options:
  • 2 minutes 9 seconds (VERY similar to the May CTC 2 minute challenge)
  • 2009 seconds (33 minutes and 29 seconds)
  • 6 x 600 metres with 1 min rests
  • 2009 metres
  • 500m  > 1minR > 400m > 1minR  > 300m > 1minR > 200m > 1minR > 100m > 2minR > 2000m 
    (Total Distance = 3500m; Total Rest = 6 minutes) This has a real sting in the tail. We should call it the scorpion! Thanks Pongi
  • 750m - 2minR - 500m - 2minR - 250m - 2minR - 2000m
    (Total Distance = 3500m; Total Rest = 6 minutes)
  • 6 x 100m with 1minute rest between each with 2 minutes rest after the last 100m and then finishing with 2009m (Total Distance = 2709m; Total Rest = 8 minutes)
  • 2992 metres (diving depth of beaked whales) 
They all look a bit evil you crazy people!

You all have ONE week and ONE vote.

Top right hand-side of the blog >

I will report back the most popular options next Sunday. Happy voting ETT'ers!