Sunday, 3 May 2015


This month's CTC is a short and sweet session has been set by the Banana Boat team.
No restrictions - just row for 2 minutes and record the distance you row. Go bananas!

Pongi and Rob D have already given it a great go.

19Empty the Tanks I594m
Pongi (H) 643 metres
Rob Drury (L) 545 metres

Don't forget to get your thinking caps on for the ETT July CTC challenge.
Let's aim to have a chosen a session by the end on May. 


  1. mmmm ..... i could think of a few other words i could use to describe this CTC and sweet isn't one of them! First attempt completed, hopefully i'll squeeze out a few extra metres on my next! Regards Pongi :)

  2. Yes maybe the word sweet was pushing it a little bit x The bananas made me write it.....
    I'm trying this session later in the week.

  3. My 5 year old daughter (Anielka) has just completed her first ever CTC. She is a true light weight at only 110cm and 17kg and showed great determination to finish just shy of 200m. A budding future rower! Pongi:)

    1. Wowzers. Looks like we have a future team winner in the making!

    2. Holy cow!! That is just so awesome Pongi... :-) Great picture with you and your daughter on your profile page by the way. /Daniel Sundqvist

    3. Thank you, my daughter shows the same determination as i do but without the shouting and cursing:) Welcome to the team Daniel! Cheers Pongi:)