Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WEC 2015 Final day

We seemed to have dropped a position or two in the last few days of competition - let's hope a number of ETT'ers have a few more metres yet to upload to boost our final ranking for the WEC 2015.

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club5,167,88642123,045

I will do an individual summary tomorrow when all metres have been submitted.

A big thanks to everybody who contributed to this year's WEC - we could not be such an inclusive and friendly team without the support, enthusiasm and metres of all those ETT'ers who row their way to fitness with a bunch of like-minded folks.
It has been a great challenge with new team mates in the top ten during this competition!

Belated Happy Birthday to Us!

On another completely different note - I totally forgot to mention earlier in the year that Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team is now 7 years old - our first challenge was the January Virtual Team Challenge way back in 2009. It just goes to show you that time flies when you are having fun!

Our next Team Challenge will not be until September (Fall Team Challenge) as the OTW season starts soon. Also, don't forget to rank any personal best times and upload any outstanding metres to your C2 logbook as the 2014 - 2015 season finishes at the end of April 2015.

All the best and enjoy some time off the C2 (well, until the next CTC / competition).

Caroline  x


  1. Thanks Caroline for encouraging all of us! Hope everyone is well & strong.


  2. No more metres from me I'm afraid, my work has been crazy busy plus I have been under the weather last week so didn't get any rowing done. Well done to everyone though, and happy birthday team.

    Speaking of CTC, apparently ETT are choosing July's challenge!

    1. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the CTC July Challenge. We will need to get our thinking caps on!
      Hope you are feeling better x

  3. Happy Birthday to the us ! Work travel is playing havoc with my participation in team events and I will miss most of the Fall team Challenge as well, still I will be there in spirit and checking on our progress. Well done everyone.

  4. Happy Birthday ETT'ers seven years old and still going strong! In that time we have had some fantastic achievements both in team events and as individuals. Notable recent individual achievements that come to mind include;

    Jo's 1 million metre row to raise money and awareness for Macmillon Cancer Support; and
    Bill's FM record, to go under 2hrs45min is a phenomenal achievement; and
    Rainer smashing all sorts of Estonian records

    I also love the comraderie of this team and its friendly inclusive culture and Carolines fantastic leadership

    I look forward to us choosing the July's CTC as it has been more than two years since our last. Do we have a particular theme in mind? Last time we focused on the number 5 because we turned 5 years old and had other achievements that centred around that number. Therefore i almost had thoughts around the number 7 but i guess that's the domain of the Sub7 team. Any other thoughts ......

    Oh yeah i came across an interesting videoclip highlighting alternative uses for a rowing machine check it out here ........

    Cheers Pongi:)

    1. Woah - those alternative work outs look hard! Don't think I will try those without somebody nearby in case I got a bit wobbly.
      Yes I think the 7 thing is treading onto Sub 7 territory - but a short sprinty thing, mid-range session might be OK.
      The upper limit for a session is 10k - these are not as well participated as the shorter sessions.

  5. Seven years is great news Caroline, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETT (-:

    1. Yeah - happy birthday to usssss......