Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April CTC Update

We have almost floated our third boat into the points rankings for this month's CTC challenge.
It is a pretty hard-core interval session of 1k 300m 300m 300m 300m 1k with 2 mins rest between each interval. This exhaustive number was set by Sub 7.

39 pts
Empty the Tanks I11:11.9
Mark Bower (H)
Pongi (H)
Richard Young (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

8 pts
Empty the Tanks II12:30.3
Bouke Dieleman (H)
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Phil Hollins (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

75Empty the Tanks III12:26.8
Jonathan Turns ETT (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Mark Kaehler (H)

We need 2 females or 1 lightweight male / female and 1 female....... come on ETT'ers let's see if we can make a difference in the next two days!


Get your thinking caps on folks because we have been given the choice for the JULY CTC.
Let me know via the blog, facebook or email and we can get some suggestions up and vote for the most popular session.

Here are our selections for previous CTC's:

  • May 2013, 5555 metres
  • August 2011, 10,549 metres
  • December 2009 5k r25

Looking at the table of CTC's on the blog, ETT's most participated events have been the shorter sessions. I will leave it up to you guys to think of some ideas....

Over to you!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WEC 2015 Final day

We seemed to have dropped a position or two in the last few days of competition - let's hope a number of ETT'ers have a few more metres yet to upload to boost our final ranking for the WEC 2015.

16Empty the TanksVirtual Club5,167,88642123,045

I will do an individual summary tomorrow when all metres have been submitted.

A big thanks to everybody who contributed to this year's WEC - we could not be such an inclusive and friendly team without the support, enthusiasm and metres of all those ETT'ers who row their way to fitness with a bunch of like-minded folks.
It has been a great challenge with new team mates in the top ten during this competition!

Belated Happy Birthday to Us!

On another completely different note - I totally forgot to mention earlier in the year that Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team is now 7 years old - our first challenge was the January Virtual Team Challenge way back in 2009. It just goes to show you that time flies when you are having fun!

Our next Team Challenge will not be until September (Fall Team Challenge) as the OTW season starts soon. Also, don't forget to rank any personal best times and upload any outstanding metres to your C2 logbook as the 2014 - 2015 season finishes at the end of April 2015.

All the best and enjoy some time off the C2 (well, until the next CTC / competition).

Caroline  x

Sunday, 12 April 2015

WEC 2015 Final week

We are in the final straight of the WEC 2015 and we have made great progress.

14Empty the TanksVirtual Club4,667,41442111,129

We are in 14th place out of 191 teams that places us in the top 7% of world-wide teams.

Jeff is still in the lead with over half a million metres clocked up in less than a month!
Other big hitters are Bill, Dave, Mark, Phil, Steve and John.

Keep up the metres in the last few days of competition and let's see if we can sneak past Rockwell Collins Recreational Center by the 15th April!

1Jeffrey BudimierM61549,545
2Bill SchmidtM54372,000
3Dave RobertsM55285,345
4Mark BowerM37260,971
5Phil HollinsM60246,700
6Steve ColesM47243,911
7John BettsM68178,553
8Caroline JoynsonF42146,830
9Andy SoyringM55146,812
10Rob DruryM68146,118
11Kenneth MurdochM46146,026
12Andrew LambertM49140,000
13Richard YoungM37129,471
14Karyn McNamaraF40120,615
15Joseph SmyntekM34119,569
16Esa LahnakoskiM63109,960
17Edward JacksonM62109,500
18Mark KaehlerM60108,131
19Leslie FoxM65105,000
20ALLAN HERONM52104,731
21Dave PongraczM42103,720
22Neil RyanM4895,037
23David BroomfieldM3294,519
24Rainer SaadM2790,984
25Matthias RauschM3787,225
26Jean CurranF6185,286
27Michael SiersM5081,355
28Lucas NightingaleM3440,520
29Craig OldakowskiM3337,027
30John GilesM5336,935
31John DigweedM4835,418
32Mike FogelM5928,000
33Tim WilliamsM4426,115
34Nathanael MurdochM2316,652
35David GentryM4416,000
36O SkyF2613,281
37Jonathan TurnsM479,552

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter and WEC update

Hope you are all enjoying a great Easter holiday with family and friends.

Well done to the following team mates for rowing 25+ days of either 5k or 10k during the month of March for the Mud Season Madness Challenge.

KM Team mate Days
10k Mark Bower 27
5k Leslie Fox 26
10k Phil Hollins 25
5k Caroline Joynson 28
5k Esa Lahnakoski 27
5k Karyn McNamara 26
10k Bill Schmidt 30
5k Andy Soyring 29

The latest news on the WEC for week three.

14Empty the TanksVirtual Club3,626,0684286,335

We keep moving between 13th and 14th position on a day-to-day basis and today we have settled on 14th place out of 191 world-wide teams.

Team mates have been putting in an awesome amount of metres and recently John passed 4 million lifetime metres and Bill is number one in the USA rankings for a FM in the 50-59 age category.

Here are the current individual stats:

1Jeffrey BudimierM61407,120
2Bill SchmidtM54314,159
3Phil HollinsM60235,591
4Dave RobertsM55224,777
5Mark BowerM37187,763
6Steve ColesM47149,699
7Kenneth MurdochM46146,026
8Andrew LambertM49140,000
9John BettsM68122,462
10Karyn McNamaraF40112,037
11Caroline JoynsonF42108,073
12Leslie FoxM65105,000
13Andy SoyringM55100,000
14Dave PongraczM4196,960
15Esa LahnakoskiM6395,408
16Neil RyanM4895,037
17Edward JacksonM6292,500
18Joseph SmyntekM3491,733
19ALLAN HERONM5288,007
20Mark KaehlerM6084,302
21Michael SiersM5081,355
22David BroomfieldM3273,500
23Rob DruryM6868,548
24Jean CurranF6166,732
25Matthias RauschM3761,423
26Rainer SaadM2750,599
27Richard YoungM3750,210
28John GilesM5331,682
29John DigweedM4829,255
30Mike FogelM5928,000
31Tim WilliamsM4426,115
32Nathanael MurdochM2316,652
33Craig OldakowskiM3314,536
34O SkyF2613,281
35David GentryM4411,000
36Jonathan TurnsM479,552

With ten days left of the competition what metres are you aiming to hit by the 15th April?