Sunday, 22 March 2015

WEC 2015 Week One, CTC and new team mates

Almost three boats floated in this months Cross Team Challenge set by Paddy Power. The 'Sprintervals' are a simple interval session of three 250 metre sets with 2 minutes rest. Have a go - they are surprisingly quite 'fun' to do!

Thanks to the following team mates who have given this one a bash!

45 pts
Empty the Tanks I2:19.2
Rainer Saad (H)
Mark Bower (H)
Pongi (H)
Bill_Schmidt (L)
Karyn McNamara (F)

16 pts
Empty the Tanks II2:36.9
Kenneth Murdoch (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Mark Kaehler (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

96Empty the Tanks III3:21.3
Matthias Rausch (H)
Mike Fogel (H)
Amelia Jean (L) (sorry I bumped you into boat 3)

Week one of the WEC sees us in 13th position out of 152 world-wide teams. We have erged up a spot in the last two days which has us chasing a team called Ramming Speed!

The top standings:

If you compare against teams with 21-50 members we are in third place!

We have a few new team mates! A Big ETT welcome goes out to Jeff, Phil H, O Sky.

The following bunch of mates who are smashing right now:

Jeffrey Budimier 129,625
Bill Schmidt 111,111
Steve Coles 105,981
Kenneth Murdoch 90,415
Mark Bower 84,017
Dave Roberts 83,656
Phil Hollins 76,379
Leslie Fox 60,000
Richard Young 50,210

Keep up the great work team. Next week the aim is to over-take RAMMING SPEED!


  1. Trying to put in as many metres as possible now because I have a four day holiday later in the month with no erging. Number of CTC boats looks strong again this month!


    1. Yes I think we are doing well with CTC sessions at the moment!
      Have a fun holiday Bill and thanks for the metres ;)

  2. At first I did the sprintervals with 1 minute rest between intervals. I thought that 2 minute rest was total rest time. Then I did it again with 2 minute rest time between intervals, got better time also :)

  3. Hi, Caroline, I'm not sure "fun" is the word - I thought I'd walk-around for the second rest but found I couldn't even stand, I'll try again when I'm fresh.

    1. Ha you're right Steve the 'fun' was an over-statement!