Sunday, 29 March 2015

WEC 2015 Update

14Empty the TanksVirtual Club2,362,5033665,625

We are in the top 8% of teams during the 2015 WEC and have just scooted past CRUfit!
Thanks to the following team mates; we are motoring away and could shoot for a top ten position if we keep this up.

1Jeffrey BudimierM61257,315
2Bill SchmidtM54212,000
3Phil HollinsM60155,259
4Dave RobertsM55154,165
5Steve ColesM47149,699
6Mark BowerM37149,427
7Kenneth MurdochM46146,026
8Leslie FoxM65100,000
9John BettsM6887,652
10Andy SoyringM5580,533
11Karyn McNamaraF4078,358
12Esa LahnakoskiM6373,408
13Neil RyanM4873,398
14Caroline JoynsonF4273,073
15Edward JacksonM6161,250
16Michael SiersM5058,790
17Mark KaehlerM6053,893
18Joseph SmyntekM3452,259
19Richard YoungM3750,210
20Rainer SaadM2748,585
21Jean CurranF6143,470
22Dave PongraczM4142,224
23Matthias RauschM3739,754
24Mike FogelM5928,000
25David BroomfieldM3227,000
26Nathanael MurdochM2316,652
27Craig OldakowskiM3314,536
28O SkyF2613,281
29John GilesM5311,286
30David GentryM4411,000


  1. Caroline, feels tough going at this point. I had the extra encouragement though of just passing 4M lifetime!. John

    1. Yes halfway through always feels hard going on these challenges. Kepp up the great work though and congratulations on the 4M mark! Nice work there x

  2. I can't find the cable to connect my pm3 and upload metres... Its around somewhere so I'll add something soon!

    1. Please find that cable - it could make all the difference Lucas ; )

  3. My holiday starts today, so no more metres for about a week. I had a good week which started with a FM and the American record for the Lwt. 50 to 59 age group. Plus, I managed a CTC yesterday! A few days off will help my tired legs. All the best ETT'ers.


    1. Nice work there Bill. Brilliant news about the USA FM record! Excellent stuff!