Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WEC 2015 Day Four

Hey ETT'ers we are still in 14th place which is pretty good going for the fourth day of competition!

What I'd like to know team mates is have you changed any of your work-out routines to get more metres uploaded or are you doing your usual amount?


  1. Hi Caroline ! It has coincided nicely with nearly the end of the season so it just pushes you a bit more to try and get those metres up - Dave Roberts

    1. yes - it just gives you that extra push x

  2. I'm just doing the 10k per day for MM, we're away at the end of the week so I'll be out of action, although I'll just have enough time to complete MM!

  3. (end of the month rather!)

  4. Hi, Caroline, yes I have changed my workouts - adding quality & variety, really - the OTW races I do are about the same as a 5k in time, so when on the C2 I'm mostly doing a half-marathon with 3 or 4 5Ks of various speeds squeezed into it - it's too hard to do more than every-other day - so about 10k average like Mark.