Sunday, 1 March 2015

CTC Update and March challenges

Hello and happy St. David's Day for those Welsh rowers amongst the team.

The February Cross Team Challenge was a triumph for us this month. We floated five boats in the points rankings which we last did in July 2013. I am very proud of you guys. Well done!

113 pts
Empty the Tanks I5355.2m
Rainer Saad (H) 5698m
Mark Bower (H) 5587m
Steve Coles (H) 5579m
Bill_Schmidt (L) 5373m
Karyn McNamara (F) 4539m

80 pts
Empty the Tanks II5066.4m
Richard Young (H) 5508m
Pongi (H) 5435m
Joseph Smyntek (H) 5201m
Rob Drury (L) 5072m
Karen Bower (F) 4116m

46 pts
Empty the Tanks III4691.6m
Kenneth Murdoch (H) 5152m
Mike Bode (H) 5075m
Jonathan Turns ETT (H) 5047m
JohnBetts (L) 4163m
Caroline Joynson (F) 4022m

29 pts
Empty the Tanks IV4397.8m
David Gentry (H) 4995m
edward jackson (H) 4863m
Mark Kaehler (H) 4542m
jean.curran (L) 3590m
Nicola Murdoch (F) 3999m

13 pts
Empty the Tanks V3791.6m
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 4405m
Michael Siers (H) 4131m
Matthias Rausch (H) 4075m
Amelia Jean (L) 3095m
maeve drury (F) 3252m

March Team Challenges
  • The March CTC has been chosen by Paddy Power and is a short, sharp interval of 3 x 250m with 2 minutes rest. From a standing start.
  • The World Erg Challenge starts on the 15th March until 15th April 2015. Sign up today!
March Individual Challenges
Are you looking forward to getting involved in this months challenges?

Team mate news

Our very own Estonian rocket Rainer has achieved another personal best at the Estonian Indoor Rowing Championships and received a Silver Medal for erging 1000 metres in 3:03.1 minutes!
He also finished in second place in the Estonian Series record for 2014/2015.

Very impressive achievements for his second season indoor rowing. Well done Rainer!

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