Sunday, 15 February 2015

February CTC Update

Yipeee, we have floated two boats in the points rankings for this month's 20 minute Cross Team Challenge!

We only need 4 ETT'ers to float our third boat (which we haven't managed to achieve since October 2013!).

Thanks to the following team mates:

42 pts
Empty the Tanks I5180m
Mark Bower (H) 5587m
Steve Coles (H) 5579m
Richard Young (H) 5508m
Bill_Schmidt (L) 5204m
Caroline Joynson (F) 4022m

23 pts
Empty the Tanks II4853m
Pongi (H) 5163m
Kenneth Murdoch (H) 5104m
David Gentry (H) 4995m
Rob Drury (L) 5004m
Nicola Murdoch (F) 3999m

78Empty the Tanks III4542m
Mark Kaehler (H) 4542m

Come on team mates we have 13 more days to make a difference!


  1. Joe's posted, so we only need 1HW, 1LW and 1F for boat three. Karen promises me she'll row on Tuesday, so that's the female taken care of. I'm not sure what other lightweights we have in the team, that's my only concern for boat three...?

  2. Yeah that might be a problem - you can have 2 females in a boat - if one is lightweight! and the second is heavyweight?
    Karyn McNamara usually takes the top spot for females - so it might work out that way if she uploads 20 mins!?

  3. I will row the event and that will provide another HW. - Jim Moldenhauer

  4. Is there still a place for a slow but reliable rower? :) - Matthias Rausch

  5. We have room for everybody Matthias!