Sunday, 4 January 2015

VTC 2015 Day Four

If you need some extra motivation and challenge in your life log onto the Indoor Rowers website that is full of useful tips, group discussion and monthly competitions:

This month's IRL (indoor Rowers League) challenge is 10,000 metres. I think this is a replacement for the old C2 Challenge Series. It would be great to have some ETT'ers get involved.

Onto today's standings for the VTC 2015, we are currently in 17th place with 734,834 metres. Riverside Boat Club are very close behind us and it looks like New Haven Rowing Club have just scooted ahead of us.

In the virtual team with 21-50 members category we are in 3rd place!


  1. Ooo, that's close, Caroline, I spy the dreaded Team Canada in the above, we had a ding-dong with them last year.

    Personally, I love the VTC as it sets me up perfectly for the Cornish Gig racing season - I drop my rowing speed and enjoy a longer, slower row - fixing injuries and building aerobic fitness whilst burning off the Christmas fat, and catching up on Netflix.

    But I'm not so sure that I'm ready for any drinks that are green that aren't cocktails...

    1. Yes Team Canada are always just a few metres away from us - in pretty much every competition.
      Now as for the green drinks - you would be surprised at how nice they are sans alcohol!
      Loving the sound of your mince-pie burning erging tactics for the VTC. Good luck for the 2015 gig season. You need to send us some gig photos for the blog.